AR-15s Save Lives – Tactical Life July/August 2022 Web Editorial By: Mark Chesnut


News flash: People are starting to realize that banning AR-15s will only make legally armed citizens into victims. The president continues to call for a ban on what he and other anti-gun advocates call assault rifles. However, new research shows that everyday Americans are starting to see through the ruse.

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Support for a Ban on AR-15s is Fading Fast

A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows that public support for a ban on “assault weapons” has dropped in recent years.

“In today’s poll, 50 percent of registered voters support a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons, while 45 percent oppose it,” the press release announcing the results stated. “This is the lowest level of support among registered voters for a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons since February 2013 when the question was first asked by the Quinnipiac University Poll.”

In fact, the highest level of support for such a ban was in February of 2018. Then, 67 percent supported a ban, compared to only 29 percent in opposition. That means in just four years, support for a ban has fallen by 17 percent. Meanwhile, opposition has risen by 16 percent!

Do We Have a Gun Problem or a Mental Health Problem?

“Increasing numbers of people realize there is far more to this dilemma than firearms. For example, the same Quinnipiac poll shows a 40 percent plurality of voters think the real problem is rooted in mental health issues, more than twice the 19 percent who think the availability of firearms is at the core of the current crime spike.”

Alan M. Gottleib, Second Amendment Foundation

I believe one of the main reasons poll numbers on a semi-auto ban have changed so significantly is the fact that Americans have learned an important lesson over the last few years of social unrest and COVID pandemic fallout. Many have realized for the first time what most Tactical-Life readers have known for years—guns save lives.

In fact, it happens all the time. Although, you’ll seldom see it mentioned in “mainstream” media, and anti-gun advocates will flat-out tell you it doesn’t happen at all. Consider two recent self-defense episodes that make my case without having to list the many thousands that occur each year.

Real World Saves with AR-15s Happen

On May 29, about 40 people were attending a combination birthday/graduation party at a West Virginia apartment complex. A man sped by the party driving recklessly. Individuals from the party asked the man to slow down since children were playing in the area.

The twice-convicted felon left but soon returned with a rifle. That’s illegal for him to possess, given his felony status, and began firing it into the crowd. A woman who was attending the party immediately drew her legally concealed firearm and fatally shot the deranged man. Immediately putting a stop to the attack.

“She’s just a member of the community who was carrying her weapon lawfully,” said Lt. Tony Hazelett with the Charleston Police Department. “And instead of running from the threat she engaged with the threat and saved several lives.”

But Wait There’s More

Just a week later, an eight-month-pregnant mom from Florida used one of Biden’s “evil assault weapons” to save her entire family during a violent home invasion.

According to a Fox News report, Jeremy King was at his Tampa-area home with his wife and daughter when two armed, hooded and masked men crashed into the house, began pistol-whipping King and kicking him in the head, and then grabbed his 11-year-old daughter.

The mother ran to another room, grabbed her AR-15, returned and opened fire on the attackers. The intruders immediately fled, and one was later found dead in a nearby ditch.

The next time you hear someone say regular American citizens never use AR-15s to defend themselves and others, tell them the story of these two heroic women who had not only the means to save their own lives and others, but also were brave enough to meet the challenge when they were faced with the unthinkable. And they were just two of the millions of other citizens who did the same.

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