Okla. welding school creates new breaching tool for deputies By:


Tulsa deputies have two of the new tools with more to come

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By Amanda Spence

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department now has a one-of-a-kind breaching tool made by a local welding school unlike a usual pickaxe.

According to News on 6, law enforcement deputies were discussing modifying a pickaxe, and they teamed up with Tulsa Tech Welding. Instructor Gilbert Moore modified the tool to be used in emergency types of situations, cutting off some of the pointed end, welding on a plate.

Moore used the portion he removed and welded it to the other side of the pickaxe, which keeps it from breaking when breaching an entryway.

“I was on board before he even got it all out. Anything we can do to help law enforcement agencies or any first responder agency, I really push for that,” Moore explained to News on 6.

Deputies now have two of the new tools, but local welding students at the school will be building more.

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