Video: Bodycam footage shows scuffle between parents, officers during Ariz. school lockdown By:


By Amanda Spence

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EL MIRAGE, Ariz. — An Arizona city police department has released body camera footage and 911 calls associated with an elementary school lockdown last week.

On August 12, El Mirage police received reports of a man who possibly had a firearm at the school, ABC15 reports. Law enforcement said the man tried to get on campus, but did not get into the building, and he left before police arrived on scene.

A lockdown ensued, during which numerous parents arrived at the school and attempted to go inside the building to find their children, El Mirage police say.

Law enforcement tried to talk with parents while also attempting to deescalate the situation, however, at least three parents tried to forcibly get into the school.

Officers used a TASER on two of the adults on scene, one of which was also carrying a firearm.

The edited video that’s been released also shows officers getting to the school as they search for the suspect.

Three adults face charges for their involvement in the altercation with police and trying to get into the school during a lockdown. In addition, the parent who was armed will be charged for having a firearm on a school campus.

Police continued to search the area for the male subject who attempted to access the school. That subject was ultimately located and taken into custody. He is currently being evaluated by mental health professionals, and criminal charges are pending.

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