Kalashnikov USA Teams With Outlaw Ordnance for Limited Edition AKs By: Patti Miller


Kalashnikov USA teamed up with Outlaw Ordnance to create a trio of limited edition AKs: the KR-9S Patriot pistol caliber carbine, the KS-12T Valhalla shotgun, and the KR-103 Tanker Green rifle. Outlaw Ordnance did the custom engravings and Cerakote job on these KUSA guns. Only 100 rifles and shotguns, and 25 PCCs will be made. Let’s take a quick look at each of the Kalashnikov USA / Outlaw Ordnance limited edition AKs.

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Line-up for Limited Edition AKs
Kalashnikov USA has partnered with Outlaw Ordnance for a trio of limited edition AKs: the KR-9S rifle (top), the KS-12T Valhalla Shotgun (middle), and the KR-103S Tanker Green Rifle.

KR-9S Patriot Rifle

KUSA/Outlaw Ordnance KR-9S Patrior
The KR-9S is a semi-automatic AK-style rifle based on vityaz-style rifles. It has a faux 1/2-28 threaded suppressor and is supposedly the most dependable and robust rifle.

The KR-9S is a semi-automatic AK-style rifle based on the Russian vityaz submachine gun. It works with a closed bolt blowback operation and comes with a 16.33″ barrel. It is chambered in 9X19mm and comes with a faux suppressor on the barrel, hence the name KR-9S. It is the closest firearm to a Russian vityaz but 100% made in the US.

The KR-9S is designed and made for vityaz lovers who prefer an AK-style rifle. It is a built-to-last and rugged firearm that comes in handy for any occasion.

  • The AK-style rifle is made on the vityaz platform to give Americans the closest experience of a vityaz-style rifle.
  • A ½”-28 threaded faux suppressor makes the rifle one of the coolest additions to your collection. You can choose the suppressor in different colors. The threaded barrel is compatible with other muzzle devices and suppressors.
  • The skeletonized vityaz-style triangle folding stock is another cool feature of the rifle.
  • One of the most dependable and robust rifles in any situation.
KR-9S detail close up
The KR-9S Patriot rifle boasts a very patriotic design scheme on both sides of the rifle.

The MSRP for the KR-9S 9mm rifle is $1,399.

KS-12T Valhalla Shotgun

KS-12T Valhalla Shotgun
The KS-12T Shotgun from KUSA and Outlaw Ordnance is an upgraded and refined version of the Russian-designed Saiga shotgun. According to KUSA, it is great for sport shooting competitions, range, or self-defense.

The KS-12T is a highly refined and upgraded version of the original Russian-designed Saiga shotgun.  KUSA’s improvements make it ideal for sport shooting competitions, enjoyment at the range, or for self-protection. Made in the USA, it includes a 10-round magazine (detachable) and accepts larger magazines and drums as well. It comes equipped with a 6-position collapsible buttstock and weighs around 8.86 lbs. An improved and innovative adjustable gas system allows the use of both 2.75” and 3” 12-gauge shells, from birdshot to magnum loads or slugs. This firearm is not California compliant.


  • 10 Round Magazine
  • OAL Extended 42.25″
  • OAL Collapsed 38.5″
  • Barrel Length 18.25″
  • Weight 8.86 lb
  • Collapsible Stock
Valhalla details close-up
The KS-12T Valhalla shotgun has a detailed Viking design on both sides of the shotgun.

The KS-12T Shotgun has an MSRP of $1,299.

KR-103 Tanker Green Rifle

100% made in the US, the KR-103 is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle with a 16.33″ chrome-lined barrel and a forged trunnion. It is chambered in 7.62×39mm and feeds from a 30-round magazine. The KR-103 comes with a cleaning rod, side optic rail, and a forged carrier. It comes with one 30-round skeletonized window magazine.

KR-103 Tanker Green Rifle
The KR-103 Tanker Green rifle is 100% made in the US with a 16″ barrel, chambered in 7.62×39. It comes with a skeletonized 30-round magazine.

The KR-103 is authentically designed to satisfy all American AK enthusiasts. It is also one of the most dependable rifles on the market.  Additional highlights include:

  • The most authentic, semi-automatic, civilian-legal version of the Russian AK-103.
  • The innovative and reliable technology of Kalashnikov USA makes it lighter, more robust, and more advanced than the earlier AKs. Proudly designed and made in the USA.
  • The KR-103 is chambered in the renowned 7.62×39mm cartridge that it feeds/cycles with ease. It reflects the reliability expected from an AK but also benefits from improved U.S. manufacturing and innovation.
  • It comes with a chrome-lined barrel that resists corrosion from heavy firing schedules and results in longer barrel life.  It also provides for easier cleaning.
  • The KR-103s is compatible with a wide range of AKM and AK-74 rifle accessories and is highly customizable.

The KR-103 comes with one 30-round polymer magazine and a polymer fixed buttstock. It incorporates many upgrades introduced in the Kalashnikov AK-74, like the side optic rails and improved muzzle brake. The muzzle brake tames the recoil to a level of 5.56mm. It also has a forged trunnion and carrier for an increased barrel life and accuracy.

Close-up of the Tanker Green rifle
The Tanker Green rifle is the most authentic civilian-legal version of the Russian AK-103 rifle.

This KR-103 features:

  • Forged Trunnion
  • Forged Carrier
  • Side Optic Rail
  • Chrome lined barrel
  • Cleaning rod
  • 30-round polymer magazine
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA

The KR-103S Tanker Green Rifle has an MSPR of $1,399.