Video: Suspect leads police on wild Las Vegas pursuit involving shootout By:


By Amanda Spence

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LAS VEGAS — Footage has been released of a Las Vegas pursuit with a suspect who attempted multiple carjacking attempts along the way, as well as a shootout with police before it was all over.

The August 11 incident occurred when law enforcement officials were doing aerial surveillance from a police chopper of a suspect, Justin Venegas, who was wanted for a prior carjacking in May, ABC7 reported. While police surveilled him, Venegas carjacked another car, in which footage showed him drive over to another vehicle, climb in the window and drive off. The victim jumped out of the vehicle during the incident.

That move started a pursuit, which involved Venegas firing a weapon out his window toward police. He can be seen driving the wrong way and attempted to carjack other vehicles during the pursuit. At one point, Venegas drove up to 100 mph – including a time when he drove straight toward police, who were on foot as they fired rounds at him.

Police attempted a PIT maneuver, driving up next to Venegas, who fired two rounds from inside as officers pulled up behind the car. The officers fired back through their windshield and backed off from the ongoing attempt to catch Venegas, who was not struck by the bullets.

Eventually, the pursuit came to an end after Venegas crossed several lanes of traffic to ram into a police K-9 vehicle going 67 mph. The impact to his vehicle disabled it and officers took him into custody.

More than three dozen rounds were fired by police before Venegas was taken into custody. Several officers received minor injuries from the pursuit. Venegas faces numerous charges, including attempted murder, attempted robbery and felony evading. He also faces robbery and assault charges for the May incident.

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