Bodycam footage reveals moment police shot suspect in OIS By:


By Amanda Spence

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HOUSTON — New body camera footage has been released showing a suspect being shot by officers after Officer Crystal Sepulveda was shot in the face on July 23.

The suspect, 19-year-old Jeffrey Bundrent, Jr., was a suspect in a robbery who exchanged gunfire with Sepulveda, Fox 26 reported. Officials are still in the beginning stages of the investigation, but at 2:37 a.m., Missouri City PD tried to stop a vehicle, which had been reported as stolen. Bundrent was driving and he didn’t pull over.

Following a pursuit, Bundrent lost control of his vehicle and crashed in a front yard of a home. The suspect exited, running away, and a juvenile passenger stayed in the vehicle during the incident.

Sepulveda pursued the suspect by foot and Bundrent entered a backyard of a residence. He fired a weapon numerous times, striking Sepulveda. Bundrent ran off, but he was apprehended in the backyard of another residence.

The Houston Police Department responded after Sepulveda was shot and two different body camera videos show the exact moment officers located the suspect. Bundrent let off a shot from his weapon, but officers fired back and hit him multiple times. He was later pronounced dead.

Sepulveda is still recovering at home after being struck three times by Bundrent – once in the face, left calf and left toe. “We’ve got a long road to recovery,” Missouri City Police Chief Mike Berezin said. “We’re praying that she’ll have a full recovery. Time will tell if that’s going to happen or not. Her spirits remain high, all things considered. She’s just happy to be home with her son.”

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