Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s — First of its Kind By: Kat Ainsworth


In an industry where there are constantly new and improved models of firearms released, it’s nice to see something hit the market that’s truly a first. The Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s is a great example of something new because it’s the company’s very first 9mm pistol that’s made entirely by them in their own factory. Interested in learning more? Read on.

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Bear Creek Arsenal Gens1s
The Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s is the first pistol the company makes entirely in its own factory. (Photo credit: Bear Creek Arsenal)

Bear Creek Arsenal provides details of their 9mm pistol:

The Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s 9mm pistol…is BCA’s first handgun made entirely in our own factory. The design combines the best features of full-size 9mm:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame – weight: 27 oz. empty
  • Barrel Spiral Fluted Stainless Steel Melonite
  • RMR Cut enables adding sights/optics
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release – proprietary to BCA
  • Trigger Safety – state of the art
  • Picatinny Rail – to attach flashlight, laser, etc.
  • Threaded 4.5” Barrel – suppressor, ready
  • Slide Cuts – to remove weight
  • Sights white outline for quick target acquisition

Whether protecting your family or taking it to the range for target practice, the Genes1s is an accurate, reliable addition to your collection.

Bear Creek Arsenal Gens1s
The Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s 9mm pistol is designed to be the gun where form meets function. (Photo credit: Bear Creek Arsenal)

The Genes1s has a squared-off trigger guard and a stippled grip with a smooth front and rear backstrap. An accessory rail forward of the trigger guard makes it easier to mount accessories to the pistol and a threaded barrel also broadens possibilities for aftermarket product use. Angled serrations are located at the front of the slide while upright serrations are in place at the rearward portion of the slide. The forward serrations are only present at the lower portion of the slide; if you intend to rack the pistol using these, take care to be sure you understand their safe operation.

Other features include a safety blade trigger, cutouts in the slide, and a spiral fluted barrel. The cutouts reduce the overall weight of the slide and facilitate cooling the barrel a bit more quickly. Of course, the fluted barrel itself helps with cooling by its own design. Bear Creek Arsenal clearly put time and effort into the design of this pistol.

Check out the video the company released showing off their pistol:

As previously mentioned, this pistol is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, an understandably popular cartridge among gun owners focused on self-defense. Another defensive-friendly feature is the optics-ready slide, which has an RMR footprint, meaning it will be compatible with a wide variety of red dot sights. The magazine release is also ambidextrous, which the company states is done using their own, patented system. Factory sights are standard white sights. Overall, the Genes1s appears to have been designed as a functional, effective defensive pistol.

Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s 9mm pistol
The Genes1s has a textured grip so it’s easier to keep ahold of the gun even with wet or sweaty hands. (Photo credit: Bear Creek Arsenal)

MSRP for the Bear Creek Arsenal Genes1s is not known at this time.

What do you think, do you want to get your hands on a BCA Genes1s?