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SOMA Global, a leading provider of critical-response cloud-native public safety software solutions, today announced SOMA Global Platform to streamline technology with a highly configurable ecosystem of pre-built applications, workflows, toolkits, and data interoperability.

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As public safety organizations accelerate the modernization of their technology and operations, mission-critical interoperability of each agency’s unique requirements has become the priority. SOMA Global Platform marks a new chapter in public safety enterprise technology, creating the ability to expedite the configuration and enablement of modern-cloud software applications, so agencies can focus their resources on what matters most; the safety of the communities whom they protect and serve.

With community expectations for transparent and modern safety practices rising, outdated technology at all levels of agencies’ operations, coupled with significant shortages of filling key positions across law enforcement, has created a real crisis in state and local government. Manual processes, paper forms and spreadsheets cannot be easily automated inside inflexible public safety systems, making it nearly impossible to improve agencies’ onboarding and operational efficiencies in the current state. In turn, the status quo puts administration work at the forefront of focus over the charter to protect and serve citizens as effectively as possible. SOMA Global Platform tackles these challenges by enabling dynamic form building, process automation and data integration to extend the SOMA ecosystem and manual task automation.

“This is an opportunity for every agency to reinvent itself and make their operations more flexible, inclusive and productive. There could not be a more timely and necessary evolution from our team at SOMA, and we’re excited to expand this evolution to our partners and the world of public safety,” said Mike Mattson, chief growth officer, SOMA Global.

With SOMA Global Platform, Partners Can:

  • Build. Construct software applications and automated processes without engineers, eliminating spreadsheets and paper forms.
  • Empower. Design and connect complex integrations independently, activating in a matter of weeks versus months.
  • Automate. Drive productivity and innovation by enabling drag, drop and click functions to digitize painful, task-redundant processes.
  • Innovate. Leverage a growing ecosystem of builders with low/no-code engineering experience requirements.

“SOMA Global Platform comes at a pivotal moment for the company. As public safety is being reimagined, communities and front-line professionals demand modernized technologies and better solutions. Sitting at the intersection of technology transformation and critical-response solutions, we are extremely proud of SOMA Global Platform’s value to our public safety partners and communities nationwide,” said Will Weatherford, managing partner at Weatherford Capital and SOMA Global board member.

SOMA Global remains committed to providing cloud-native solutions, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile dispatch, records management, jail management, and now, mission-critical software automation. This expansion enables agencies to bring an optimized approach in launching their ideal software journey unlike anything in the industry.

Josh Lewis, CTO at SOMA Global, added: “Our product offerings help public safety agencies move beyond outdated and disconnected systems to a future-proof platform that increases operational productivity and financial efficiency. Bringing these systems together is the natural next step in our journey to modernizing public safety software for our law enforcement, EMS, fire, dispatch, social service and correctional organization partners.”

SOMA Global Platform is available today, learn more at

About SOMA Global

Since 2017, SOMA Global has been a leading provider of critical-response software solutions for public safety. They are a team of multi-faceted industry experts who highly regard the value of a partnership with an agency. SOMA Global Platform modernizes software with a unified ecosystem of pre-built applications, workflows, automations, and data interoperability to enable our partners to focus on what matters most, fulfilling their mission in the communities they serve.

SOMA Global continues transforming public safety with its cloud-native solutions, including computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile dispatch, records management, jail management, and mission-critical software automation and interoperability.

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