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    Smith & Wesson Introduces New Model 350 Revolver in 350 Legend By: Giorgio O


    Since its introduction in 2019, the straight-walled, hunting oriented, 350 Legend has been adopted by several AR-15 and bolt action manufacturers. Now S&W jumps in the game with their new Model 350 hunting revolver, a 7-shooter based on the massive X-Frame platform.

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  • S&W Model 350 01

    Here below the full press release from S&W:

    SPRINGFIELD, MA., (08/16/2022) – Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, introduces the new Model 350, our first production revolver chambered in the powerful straight-walled 350 Legend caliber.

    The Smith & Wesson Model 350TM is an X-Frame size, double-action/single action revolver with an all stainless-steel construction. Its design includes a 7.5” ported barrel, red ramp front sight & adjustable rear sight system, and dependable Hogue® rubber grip. This revolver has a 7-round capacity and a cylinder that utilizes moon clips for loading and unloading. For those of you who like to hunt, or carry a large frame revolver in the woods, this is an exciting addition in the X-Frame offering from Smith & Wesson. “The 350 Legend is one of the flattest shooting straight-walled cartridges on the market today. It is great for medium-sized game and especially whitetail hunting. If you’re looking for a hunting revolver, the Model 350 is it,” said John Myles, Senior Manager of New Products.

    Well known for building some of the most powerful revolvers of all time, Smith & Wesson is proud to bring you the Model 350, chambered in 350 Legend. The MSRP for this revolver is $1,599.00.


    • Model: 350
    • Chambered in 350 Legend.
    • Double Action/Single Action revolver.
    • 7-Round Capacity.
    • Stainless Steel Frame, Fluted Cylinder and 7.5″ Ported Barrel.
    • Red Ramp Front Sight and Adjustable Rear Sight System.
    • Overall Length of 13.5″ and Weight of 71.5 oz.
    • Sku: 13331

    S&W Model 350 02

    When in 2003 Smith & Wesson released their first X-Frame revolver, the Model 500, with its impressive 2.3″ long cylinder, revolver aficionados were left to guess what other cartridges it could accommodate. However, after the introduction of the Model 460, no new calibers were added to the family, this inversion of the trend with the Model 350 is therefore particularly interesting.

    350 Legend is also the first caliber born for rifle use to be adopted. We don’t know yet how much of the ballistic potential can be preserved in this format, but we can safely say that this is going to be the most powerful .35 revolver ever released.

    S&W Model 350 03

    What do you think? Would you like to try the X-Frame in its most manageable version? Would you like to see more rifle calibers being added to this product line? As always, let us know in the comments.