Naperville’s Assault Weapons Ban Won’t Stop Crime, But It Will ‘Stand for Community Values’ By: Grace Stevens

Law Weapons & Supply
Courtesy Law Weapons & Supply

“They know [an assault weapons ban is] not going to reduce any crime or stop one person from getting a gun or stop anyone from coming into Naperville to commit a crime,” [Law Weapons and Supply owner Robert Bevis] said. “Criminals don’t buy guns from shops like ours.

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“It is absolutely political theater.”

But last month, [Naperville, Illinois] Councilman Ian Holzhauer said it was his duty to act on an ordinance like this.

“As an elected official, I can do something,” he said. “It might be something small, but I can do something to help keep our community safe and stand for our community values.”

— Kevin Schmit in ‘Absolutely Political Theater’: Naperville Gun Shop Owner Questions Motives Behind Sales Ban Ordinance