Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA Red Dot/Rangefinder By: Luke C.


Bear Creek Arsenal has just announced their new BCA Red Dot/Rangefinder combination optic. This new optic is intended to be used for hunting and long-range shooting applications so that shooters can accurately and quickly estimate distances to targets without having to use a separate rangefinder. Like other rangefinders on the market, the BCA Red Dot/Rangefinder has lots of convenient options and features, most notably the inclusion of a standard Picatinny rail mount. More details in Bear Creek Arsenal’s official product announcement are below.

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Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA RED DOT/RangeFinder

Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA RED DOT/RangeFinder

A built-in LASER RANGEFINDER on a RED DOT scope?

Yes, Bear Creek Arsenal’s RED DOT SCOPE has a BUILT-IN LASER RANGEFINDER. It can accurately identify ranges out to 600 yards. Since all projectiles travel in an arc, knowing the distance is critical for accurate shot placement. Most ammunition companies and reloading manuals print trajectory charts for specific calibers and bullet weights. Hornady has a Ballistics Chart available on its website. For example, the 5.56 Nato 55 gr. GMX bullet still has 374 ft/lbs of energy at 400 yards, enough for varmint size animals such as foxes, prairie dogs, groundhogs, and coyotes. The problem is bullet drop. With a 200-yard zero, the drop is 7.3 inches at 300 yards and 23 inches at 400 yards. Without accurately knowing the distances, missed shots are inevitable.

With the touch of a button, the BCA RED DOT instantly displays the distance to an object. There are two modes for display: FIXED where you can focus on a single object to get the distance and SCAN where you get distances on objects in real-time as you move the gun. The readout is located just below the lens of the optic so the display is always in the shooter’s field of view.

Simultaneously, the readout gives the angle and azimuth. These are also critical because extreme angles at long distances can affect points of impact.

Additional features include:

** the option for meters or yards

** There is no parallax: the dot can be anywhere in the viewfinder and be on-target

** open reflex sight

** click adjustment for easy zeroing

** machined from Aircraft grade aluminum

** 10 brightness adjustments for any light condition

** CR2 battery is located on the side for easy replacement

** ready to install on any standard Picatinny rail

** weighs just under one pound

The BCA RED DOT combines two devices that are critical to accurate long-range shooting: sighting mechanism and distance determination. With all its features you can have the confidence of a well-placed shot.

Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA RED DOT/RangeFinder

Like the previously mentioned new GENES1S pistol from Bear Creek Arsenal, the BCA Red Dot/Rangefinder is not quite out yet and as such, exact pricing and availability have not been announced by Bear Creek Arsenal. However, you can be sure we’ll be trying to get a hold of both the BCA Red Dot and the new GENES1S pistol for review here on TFB so we can test out their features and reliability. What are your thoughts on this new optic from Bear Creek Arsenal? Is this something you think would be useful to the average firearms enthusiast?

Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA RED DOT/RangeFinder

Bear Creek Arsenals New Hybrid BCA RED DOT/RangeFinder