A Comparison: B5 Systems Bravo-C Stock Vs. Precision Stock By: Jim Davis


B5 Systems offers high-quality products for AR-15s. Today we’re going to compare two of their stocks. Which one is superior? Pull up a seat, we’re going to take a look to see which one might be more suitable for your needs. 

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B5 Systems Stock Options

This won’t be an in-depth review, as I’ve already done that with both stocks. Rather, it will be a brief review and comparison to help you make a more informed choice.

Three stocks. The B5 Systems Bravo-C Stock is on the rifle. Below is the Precision stock, and the standard carbine stock is on the bottom.
Three stocks. The B5 Systems Bravo-C Stock is on the rifle. Below is the Precision stock, and the standard carbine stock is on the bottom.

The Precision Stock

The Precision Stock is extremely easy to install. And, once installed, it offers outstanding adjustability for both the shooter’s cheek weld and length of pull (LOP). Want to adjust either? Simply turn a dial and you get positive clicks that adjust the height or length in minute increments.

B5 Systems Precision Stock installed on rifle
The B5 Precision stock, installed on the rifle and properly adjusted. The shelf on the bottom of the stock is useful for stabilizing the stock against the shoulder with the non-dominant hand.

One really nice feature is that the stock itself adjusts easily on the receiver extension of the AR-15, sort of like a standard carbine stock (except the slide adjustment is a bit different than a standard stock).  Just pull down on a tab and the entire stock slides on the receiver extension, so you can get the whole setup very close to your comfort zone.

Adjustment and locking tab for the Precision Stock.
Once the stock is in the desired position, it can be locked in place by sliding this small button.

Once you get the stock close, you can use the dial to adjust it to your liking. After it’s locked in place, the dial allows the shooter to have an additional 1/2-inch of adjustment.

Length of Pull for the B5 Systems Precision Stock.
The butt pad easily extends 1/2 inch by turning the dial.

The cheek piece also allows 1/2-inch of adjustment.

B5 Systems Precision Stock
The adjustments on this stock make a world of difference for acquiring a sight picture with a scope!

This stock can be had in several colors: Black, OD Green, Wolf Grey, Coyote Brown, and Flat Dark Earth. Slings can be attached either via a quick detach swivel or on fixed points that are on the stock. That versatility is nice to have.

B5 Systems Precision Stock with sling attached.
There is a cutout to install a quick-release sling swivel on both sides of the stock.


  • Weight: 20.65 ounces.
  • Length: 8.5 inches.
  • Width: 2 inches.
  • Height: 4.35 inches.

How effective is the B5 Systems Precision Stock?

The ease and speed with which the Precision stock can be adjusted make it a real pleasure to use.

Jim Davis with Precision Stock on his carbine.
I can now instantly get a perfect sight picture through his scope when I shoulder my carbine.

Compared to the regular carbine stock, it is night and day as far as allowing the shooter to get a proper cheek weld. This allows the acquisition of a fast sight picture when utilizing a telescopic sight. When using the standard stock, I found myself fighting the carbine and scope, which slowed me down and caused unnecessary fatigue. When using the Precision Stock, though, I can get an immediate sight picture. In short, it does its job perfectly.

There are internal stabilizers, so the stock is held very securely and will not wobble over time.

The Down Side

Unfortunately, the plusses come with a few minuses.

The first is the weight. At 20.65 ounces, the Precision stock does add some noticeable weight. Most of us seem to prefer our carbines on the lighter side. So the weight might be an issue for some folks.

It is also a little larger than the standard carbine stock, so it adds a little additional mass.

Stag Arms carbine with Precision Stock.
The B5 Precision Stock is definitely larger than the standard carbine stock. Also very robust.

If I were mounting this stock on a rifle, it would seem more at home. The weight and mass would probably not be noticed quite as much on a rifle. Still, it will work just fine for a carbine if you choose to use it in that capacity.

The price of $225.00 (at the time of writing) might be a little salty for some people as well.

The Bravo-C Stock

The Bravo-C Stock is pretty slick. It is a simpler affair than the Precision Stock. There are very few adjustments on this stock, with the only one being when it is mounted.

Bravo-C Stock on the carbine, standard stock below.
The Bravo-C Stock, installed with the standard carbine stock underneath.

The Bravo-C mounts directly to the receiver extension of the AR-15. It secures by tightening a set screw when the appropriate hole is found on the receiver extension. As with the Precision Stock, there are internal stabilizers, so there will be no wobbling with this stock. They seem to work extremely well, too, as I detected no movement at all.

Set screw for adjustment on the Bravo-C Stock.
The set screw that fixes the stock in place once you have it where you want it.

As with the Precision Stock, the Bravo-C Stock can be had in OD Green, Black, Wolf Grey, Flat Dark Earth, and Coyote Brown.

B5 Systems states that they’ve included their best features into an A1 length stock. Slings can be affixed either by mounting a detachable sling swivel or directly to points that are already on the stock.

Sling attached to Bravo-C Stock.
There are mounts for detachable, non-rotating sling swivels. Slings can also be mounted on fixed points above and below the swivel mounts.


  • Weight: 10.25 ounces.
  • Length: 8.73 inches.
  • Height: 4.9 inches.
  • Width: 2.00 inches.

How effective is the Bravo-C Stock?

The advantage of this stock is the fact that it provides a great cheek weld when the shooter is using optics, compared to the standard carbine stock. Although it’s not adjustable, the added height to the cheek comb seems to be perfect when obtaining a sight picture with a scope. I’m sure it would work equally well if a red dot sight were being utilized.

Cheek piece on the Bravo-C.
The cheek piece of the Bravo-C stock is comfortable and does its job well.

This stock allows an instant, perfect, comfortable cheek weld that gives a perfect sight picture.

Bravo-C stock on the carbine.
From kneeling supported, the sight picture is excellent and quickly obtained.

There are no adjustments to mess with; just mount the stock and you’re good to go.

Another huge advantage is the weight—it is fairly lightweight, which is in keeping with the spirit of the carbine. Light and simple.

The price of this stock is also, in my opinion, an advantage. At the time of this writing, it is listed at $54.00. This is a bargain, in my opinion. It’s an inexpensive upgrade that will enhance the performance of your AR-15.

The Down Side

The only complaint that I have with this stock is that it cannot be quickly adjusted for length of pull. While the standard carbine buttstock can be quickly adjusted by squeezing a lever, the Bravo-C Stock cannot. Actually, B5 Systems does have a stock that offers a similar cheek piece and can be adjusted just like a standard carbine stock (it’s called the Bravo Stock).

Bravo-C stock on the Stag Arms carbine.
The Bravo-C Stock does not add much weight to the carbine; the handling characteristics stay intact while the sight picture is greatly enhanced.

In order to adjust the length of pull, the set screw has to be backed out and the stock adjusted to another hole in the receiver extension. This is not difficult, but a screwdriver is not required to perform the task.

The other inconvenience is that it takes a special effort if you change gear. Say, for instance, you don a plate carrier or heavier clothing. You’ll have to back the screw out and adjust the length of pull. It would be so much easier to just squeeze the adjustment lever and perform the task.

Really, that’s my only issue. Other than that, it’s a superb stock and might just have a home on my carbine for now. I’ve adjusted mine to be on the shorter side, which I don’t mind because it allows me to use it with or without a plate carrier.

Which one wins?

That’s a tough call! I love them both.

Bravo-C Stock on the carbine, with Precision Stock below. On the bottom is the standard carbine stock.
For now, I have the Bravo-C stock on my rifle. Below that is the Precision Stock, and the standard carbine stock is at the bottom.

The comfort level of the Precision Stock is second to none so far that I’ve used for an AR-15. Although the weight does make it bulkier.

I like the lighter weight of the Bravo-C Stock. The comfort level for it is also very high, I have no complaints there. For the time being, I think I’ll leave the Bravo-C on my carbine, mainly for the light weight and smaller platform.

Whichever stock you choose, it will be a winner. And it might be worth your time to peruse the B5 Systems website because they have a number of high quality items that you will probably like.