Video: Good Samaritan tackles suspect who attacked, robbed elderly man By:


By Amanda Spence

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LOS ANGELES — A video of a good Samaritan saving an elderly man as he was being attacked and robbed in Hollywood has gone viral.

The surveillance video shows a homeless man punch an elderly man having lunch. However, the suspect was quickly tackled and apprehended by Tim Ratcliff, a local business owner, Fox 11 reported.

Ratcliff chased and took down the suspect after he swiped the elderly man’s phone and wallet. Ratcliff’s girlfriend and another witness helped until police responded.

“I’m not gonna lie. The adrenaline was a lot at that point. And afterwards, it was exhausting. It felt like I had worked out the next day for quite a bit,” Ratcliff, who held the suspect down for nine minutes, said.

The incident occurred the same day more LAPD patrols were approved for the Hollywood area in respond to an uptick in crime.