Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip with Cable Management System By: Hrachya H


Strike Industries have introduced a new modular forward M-LOK grip called Stacked Angled Grip. The new grip has an 86-degree angle in relation to the handguard and its modular design allows extending its length by installing extension sections between the base parts (rail attachment part and end plate). The Stacked Angled Grip also features SI’s patent-pending Cable Management System (CMS) that allows organizing the cables of rail-mounted accessories by passing them through the grip and storing the excess wiring inside it.

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Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip (5)

In the shortest configuration, with the two base parts only, the length of the Stacked Angled Grip is 35.86mm (1.41″). A pair of extension sections will increase the length by 48.61mm (1.91″). Technically, you can add as many extensions as you want, however, realistically, two extensions will probably be more than enough for any practical application.

Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip (7)

The two base parts only

Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip (8)

A pair of extensions sandwiched between the base parts

The Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip is made out of lightweight high-strength impact resistant custom blended SI Polymer Extreme material. It is currently available in the black color option only. The possible ways the cables can be routed through the grip are shown in the picture below.

Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip (6)

The SI Stacked Angled Grip comes with all the hardware, tools and thread locking compound necessary for the installation. The installation and extension addition procedures are demonstrated in the below-embedded video.

The base part set of Strike Industries Stacked Angled Grip is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $24.95. A 2-pack of extensions can be purchased for $13.95.

Pictures by Strike Industries,