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Whether flying or driving, traveling with a firearm can have inherent risks. When flying, you must ensure your firearm is properly secured using TSA legal means. Likewise, driving can often take you through states that are unfriendly to firearms, requiring them to be locked up. For this reason, Hornady offers its TrekLite Lock Box XXL that’s TSA legal and can secure up to two 1911s.

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Hornady Security TrekLite Lock Box XXL

Constructed of advanced, impact-resistant polycarbonate, the TrekLite XXL offers heavy-duty protection at 1/3 the weight of steel. The light weight makes the lock box ideal for travel, adding little to the traveler’s load. However, the polycarbonate material offers exceptional toughness, according to the company.

Additionally, the tough-as-nails shell features a non-slip over mold that adds extra impact resistance. The over-mold also reduces shifting of the lock box during travel. When used in a vehicle, the 1500-pound rated security cable prevents theft in the event of a vehicle break-in. Simply attach it to any solid object in the vehicle for additional security.

The egg crate foam padded interior is large enough to securely house two full-sized handguns, letter-sized documents, or other valuables. Egg crate padding lines both the lid and bottom for a firm, protected hold on the lock box’s contents.

The TrekLite is locked via two 4-digit TSA locks, one on each front corner of the lockbox.

Dual 4-digit TSA locks on opposite corners of the front of the lockbox prevent unauthorized entry. However, TSA can still check the contents for faster security check-point inspection.


The Hornady TrekLite Lock Box XXL is available now with an MSRP of $53.99. For more info, please visit

Hornady TrekLite Lock Box XXL Features

  • Dual 4-Digit TSA lock offers advanced security and 10,000 user-programmable codes
  • Protects firearms, ammo, and other valuables while traveling or at home
  • Constructed of advanced, impact-resistant polycarbonate for exceptional toughness
  • Fits up to two full-sized handguns
  • Durable, non-slip rubber over-mold provides added impact protection and stability
  • Includes 1500 lb. rated security cable with patented cable connector that maximizes cargo space
  • Sized to fit 8.5 x 11″ documents
  • Heavy-duty protection at 1/3 the weight of steel


Locks: 4-digit combination TSA
Exterior Dimensions:
12.2” x 10.1” x 3.3”
Interior Dimensions:
11.8” x 7.3” x 2.9”
Impact-resistant Polycarbonate
1500-lb rated security cable
MSRP: $53.99

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