Bear Creek Arsenal Introduces Three New AR Platform Lines By: Luke C.


Bear Creek Arsenal has rapidly expanded its available rifle and pistol lineup for the American firearms enthusiast. In their latest newsletter, they announced they would introduce three new lines of AR platform rifles to help shooters find something that will fit their needs. These new lines will include the all-around Fieldmaster, the long-range oriented Targetmaster, and the Huntmaster – I’ll let you guess what that one is marketed for. More details on each new AR platform line are down below.

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Bear Creek Arsenal Introduces Three New AR Platform Lines

Bear Creek Arsenal Introduces Three New AR Platform Lines

The first is the Fieldmaster. It is offered in .223 Wylde and has three different barrel lengths to choose from. Other features include MFT Battle Link Stock, Velocity 3 lb. trigger, Magpul Ambidextrous grip, and Dual Charging to accommodate the preference of all.

Next is the Targetmaster. Designed for long-range shooting, it comes in .223 Wylde and has a 20” Stainless Steel straight fluted barrel. It also includes an ambidextrous rear charging handle, dual charging action, Velocity 3 lb. trigger, Magpul ambidextrous grip and PRS Lite stock, adjustable gas block, and VG6 Slimline muzzle brake.

Lastly is the Huntmaster. This is a totally new design that created a platform larger than the AR10. The calibers that will be available are .270 Win., 30-06, 7mm Rem. Mag, and 300 Win. Mag. These enable caliber hunters to pursue the largest game in North America. (No photos avaiable at this time)

Bear Creek Arsenal Introduces Three New AR Platform Lines

At the time of writing, both the Targetmaster and Fieldmaster rifles are available for sale directly from the Bear Creek Arsenal website. The new Huntmaster should be coming sometime in the following weeks – just in time for the fall hunting season. For more information about each of the three new AR Pplatform lines from Bear Creek Arsenal, you can visit their website,