Versacarry Trooper OWB Holster Provides Comfortable Belt Line Carry By: Personal Defense World


The whole point of concealed carry is actually carrying your firearm. However, if you don’t have a comfortable holster, you may be less likely to carry consistently. But Versacarry answers with its Trooper OWB holster, that is not only comfortable but stylish. Not to mention, secure and optics ready.

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The Versacarry Trooper OWB Holster

A hallmark of Versacarry holsters is the company’s use of premium water buffalo leather in its holster construction. Utilizing premium leather and industrial-grade bonded nylon thread, the Trooper will be with you for years to come. Likewise, the premium leather will only look better and get more comfortable with age.

The Trooper features a raised double ply backing that ensures comfort and keeps the firearm separate from the wearer. Accommodating a 1.5-inch belt, the holster features two belt loops in staggered positions. As a result, the Trooper carries in a natural cant position, providing a comfortable draw.

The pistol is held in place via a removable/adjustable retention strap, adding another level of security during carry. The strap is held in place using a Velcro panel in between the black leather panel and brown holster. Likewise, a quick-release thumb break gives instant access to the pistol.

To adjust the thumb break, run a finger in between the leather panels to release the Velcro. Then move the strap where you want it and secure it back onto the Velcro panel. While the handgun is in place it helps secure the Velcro fastening using pressure. To remove the strap, just do the same as you would for adjusting it and pull it out.

The Trooper features a low-cut front to accept pistols with a mounted optic. Likewise, available in four different sizes, the Trooper can accommodate a wide range of firearms and comes in right- or left-hand options. Since they are made right here in the United States, you can rest easy in American craftsmanship and service.


The Versacarry Trooper OWB holster is available now, with an MSRP of $64.99. For more info, please visit

The Versacarry Trooper OWB Holster.

Versacarry Trooper OWB Holster features:

  • Quick Release Thumb Break
  • Adjustable Retention Strap
  • Optics Compatible
  • Forward Cant
  • Raised Protective Backing

Product Specifications:

  • Vegetable-Tanned Water Buffalo Leather
  • Industrial Grade Bonded Nylon Thread
  • Designed for use with a standard 1.5″ wide belt designed for carry.
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Returns
  • MSRP: $64.99

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