“Unlock Greatness” In-Store Giveaway Event from Springfield Armory By: Luke C.


Springfield Armory has been coming in pretty hot and heavy with the firearm releases over the last couple of years. Everything from their new modern Hi-Power SA-35 pistol to the micro-compact competitor Hellcat series has had the firearms industry buzzing about it and looking forward to what Springfield Armory will put out next. In anticipation of their next release, Springfield Armory has announced their Unlock Greatness event set to take place on September 3rd at participating retail stores for an in-store giveaway of a brand new unreleased firearm! Full details about the giveaway and how to enter are below.

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“Unlock Greatness” In-Store Giveaway Event from Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory has sent Vaultek® VS20i Biometric Smart Safes to retailers around the country for this event. Each safe is packed with an unannounced new firearm from Springfield, along with top-tier accessories from SureFire®, HEX™ and BlackPoint® Tactical.
Entrants can sign up now at unlock-greatness.com to find a nearby participating retailer and be set up to receive their unique code on the day of the event. On September 3 rd , simply visit your chosen retailer and enter the code you have received on the digital keypad. If your code opens the safe, you win the safe, the firearm and all the accessories.

Springfield Amory is proud to partner with Vaultek, SureFire, HEX and BlackPoint Tactical to host this giveaway. “The collaboration of these brands makes this a great event with a lucky winner taking home a grand prize at every participating store,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “We’re really looking forward to this event that highlights the great relationship with have with our retailers,” noted Phil Rawlings, Vice President of Sales and LE for Springfield Armory.

"Unlock Greatness" In-Store Giveaway Event from Springfield Armory

From the sound of it, this is most likely going to be a new handgun and will obviously come pre-equipped with the accessories from the companies mentioned above. However, at this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to what precisely this new firearm will be. Either way, if you sign up and win, let us know what it is and how you like it! For more information on how to enter the Unlock Greatness event hosted by Springfield Armory, you can visit www.unlock-greatness.com.