Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet — Locking Ammo Storage By: Kat Ainsworth


Gun owners put a lot of time and thought into their ammunition selection, not to mention the financial investment. If you’re interested in keeping your ammunition collection securely stored and organized, Hornady Security has you covered. The Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet is made to protect your precious ammo stockpile from thieves while keeping it in nice, neat stacks in a case that’s designed to allow air circulation. If you’re interested in proper storage and locking security measures, this cabinet is well worth a closer look.

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Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet
The Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet is designed to keep your ammo stockpile safe and secure. (Photo credit: Hornady Security)

Hornady Security provides details of the Ammo Cabinet:

These cabinets are a specialty security container for organizing and safeguarding ammo and much more—lock it up and protect these hard-earned investments with Hornady Security!

The all-metal ammo cabinets use a barrel-key lock for enhanced security. These tamper-resistant containers restrict access to valuables like reloading tools and components, hunting and shooting gear, and anything else that requires secure storage.

The Ammo Cabinet designers optimized the layout to accommodate plastic ammo cans (3 included) or similar aftermarket products. Cabinets feature three adjustable shelves, each with a 100-pound load capacity rating, totaling three 12” x 18” surfaces in the 40-inch-tall container. Also included are shelf/floor mats to protect the contents in storage.

The Ammo Cabinet’s dimensions work well as either a stand-alone cabinet or as the base of a sturdy workbench. For extra storage space, Ammo Cabinets conveniently stack and bolt together. Additionally, switching the cabinet’s door to the left or right opening accommodates individual preferences and the available space.

The cabinet is ventilated so air can circulate, keeping your ammo in better condition. (Photo credit: Hornady Security)

Ammo Cabinet Features

  • Safely store and organize ammo cans, cartons, and boxes
  • Square-Lok walls are a customizable modular design that increases airflow
  • Adjustable shelves support up to 100 pounds.
  • Multiple cabinets bolt together, increasing storage capacity
  • Door configurable for left or right opening
  • Tough metal construction
  • Assembled in the USA
Hornady ammo cabinet front view with door closed
A barrel key lock provides security for the Ammo Cabinet. (Photo credit: Hornady Security)

Ammo Cabinet Specifications

  • Dimensions: 18 inches x 12 inches x 40 inches
  • Includes:
  • Barrel Keys (2)
  • Adjustable Shelves (3)
  • Shelf/Floor Mats (3)
  • Magnetic Rewritable Shelf Labels (10)
  • Plastic Ammo Cans (3)
  • Magnetic Motion Light
  • Motion Light requires 6 – AAA batteries (not included)
ammo cabinet with door open and each shelf loaded with boxes of ammunition
A look at the organized interior of the Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet. (Photo credit: Hornady Security)

This is a great way to store your ammo without taking up precious space in your gun safe or worrying too much about getting a dehumidifier due to gun safes being solid-sided. The fact that you can fit a trio of ammo cans in the base and that Hornady Security includes reusable shelf labels makes it even better. In addition, the door is made to be mounted opening to either the left or right side, so you can build it as necessary for your personal space. Who doesn’t want properly stored and ventilated ammo, protected by a lock?

MSRP for the Hornady Security Ammo Cabinet is $629.00.