Dillon Precision XL750 Review By: Tom Moore


If you’re looking for a progressive reloading press that can handle high volumes of ammunition, the Dillon Precision XL750 is a great option.

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This press is built for speed and efficiency, and it’s easy to see why so many shooters love it – it’s great for reloading cartridges for your rifle or if you’re reloading handgun cartridges.

In this Dillon Precision XL750 review, we’ll look at why shooters who are into reloading like this reloading press so much.

Dillon Precision XL750

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Dillon Precision XL750 Specs

  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty
  • Number of Stations 5
  • Loads per hour up to 1000
  • Calibers over 35 different rifle and pistol calibers

Dillon Precision XL750 Review

A progressive reloading press is a machine that progressively loads ammunition over multiple stations. This means that it can load multiple rounds of ammunition at the same time, which is much faster than loading each round individually.

You might not be at a stage in your shooting journey where you need to reload a lot of rounds in a short amount of time, or you might be just starting out. If you’re wanting to work on your ultimate round setup and bulk isn’t an issue, you may be considering a single stage reloading press. This is something to consider when getting into reloading and you’re on a budget to get started.

As you move forward and you’re wanting to pump out the rounds, the Dillon Precision XL750 is a progressive reloading press that is very popular among shooters. It is known for its quality and reliability. I feel that the Dillon press machines are often seen as the best option on the market when it comes to progressive reloading presses.

The XL750 has a strong construction and can handle large calibers with ease. It’s also adjustable, so you can tailor your reloading process to your specific needs. The progressive nature of this press means that you’ll be able to churn out large quantities of ammo in no time.

There are some things to keep in mind when using the Dillon XL750 however. First, make sure that you have enough clearance on your workbench – the press can take up quite a bit of space. Second, the progressive nature of the press means that you’ll need to pay close attention to your reloading process and make sure that each step is done correctly.

Overall, the Dillon Precision XL750 is a great progressive reloading press for shooters who are looking for speed and efficiency. It’s well-built, adjustable, and can handle large calibers with ease. Just make sure that you have enough clearance on your workbench and take your time to learn the reloading process before using this press.

Dillon’s progressive reloading press comes with 5 stations that allow you to size and prime cases, load powder, and set and crimp ammunition. This is the same as any other progressive press, but Dillon also includes an extra station for a powder sensor if you choose to have one.

I feel that powder measure hasn’t missed a beat for me, but having a powder sensor is a great optional extra which sits in station 3. For me this is just the insurance that I like that gives me confidence in my reloads especially if I happen to get distracted for a moment throughout the reloading process. I don’t want to miss a load or double charge a load, and the powder sensor will let me know if this was to happen.

The negatives I have found with this machine is the caliber conversion, and the machine height. If you install the optional electric case feeder hopper, you’ll want to have a little ladder nearby to be able to see into this container and make any adjustments as needed, because of the machine height it maybe a little uncomfortable for some people. Secondly, I find that the caliber conversion is a little tedious. When it’s time to change calibers, you’ll need to use a caliber conversion kit. Following the set by step instructions, you’ll find that this task is easy enough, just allow for plenty of time to allow for proper and accurate setup as you go through the caliber conversion process.

No tool will last forever and eventually you’ll probably have an issue somewhere along the journey. Personally I haven’t experienced any issues with the Dillon XL, but when writing this article I had a look around to see if anyone else has. Below I have found a great video from Squatch Reloading about a day where everything seemed to go wrong. I found that this was a good insight into things you might what to consider when it comes to maintenance and what to look for as parts start to wear.

As far as this press goes, it’s a hard one to beat, it has a lot of similarities to the Dillon XL650, if you’re familiar with that model, but there is plenty of upgrades that made this model worth investing in. I’m not partial to any one brand, but I always appreciate when your tools work as expected and I feel that the Dillon XL750 lives up to that status.

The Dillon Precision XL made the top of our list when it comes to the best progressive reloaders. To see what else made the list, be sure to find our article on the Best Progressive Reloading Presses here.

Dillon Precision XL750 Pros and Cons

  • High production rate
  • Shell plate design exceeds other models
  • You can integrate a bullet and case feeder
  • Switching between calibers takes some time
  • Higher cost
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