Desert 2-Gun: 108 Fahrenheit With a WWSD Commando By: Ian McCollum


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In may last full-match opportunity to practice for Finnish Brutality, I brought my WWSD Commando (10.5″ barrel) and an Arex Delta out (my guns for Finland are already on their way across the Atlantic). The stages today were truly awful (awfully fun!) to really push us as a last practice session. It hit about 108F by the third stage, and I think I drank about a gallon of water over the course of three stages.

A few notes…

In stage 2, the kettlebell was 40lb / 18kg.

My plate carrier is from Beez Combat Systems. I get asked about it a lot, and I find it a very functional, simple plate carrier. It carries plates, and nothing else. I bought it years ago, and I use it when I want to wear heavy plates for training, be it at matches or during a workout. the plates inside are simple AR500 steel (I don’t recall the specific brand). I would not recommend them for using as actual armor, but they are great for training, as they were cheap at the time and are properly heavy (10 pounds each).