New Scorpion-X Pistol from Volquartsen Firearms By: Luke C.


Volquartsen Firearms is very well known in the rimfire market for their high-quality, accurate pistols often used for varmint hunting or competition shooting. Volquartsen has just announced the addition of the new Scorpion-X to their line of complete pistols. The new Scorpion-X uses the all-new Volquartsen LLV-X upper which features multiple mounting hole locations so that a wider variety of red dot optics can be directly mounted to the upper resulting in fewer height-over-bore issues.

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New Scorpion-X Pistol from Volquartsen Firearms - More Optics Options

New Scorpion-X Pistol from Volquartsen Firearms

Volquartsen Firearms continues to expand their pistol line with the addition of the Scorpion-X.

The Scorpion-X 22 LR is available in a 4.5″ or 6″ barrel length and utilizes the new Volquartsen LLV-X upper which has multiple hole mounting locations allowing for a variety of popular red dots to be mounted directly to the top of the upper.

“Why did we develop the flat top universal red dot mounting system? Many of us were introduced to pistol shooting using iron sights and having the red dot mounted directly to the top of the upper makes that red dot acquisition like those same iron sights. Competitive shooters are always searching for that “little something” that will make them a fraction of a second faster. Matches are sometimes won or lost by a fraction of a second. In talking to world champion level shooters, they will tell you that many times the split to that first target sets the tone for the rest of the string. In fact, they spend what seems to the casual observer a disproportionate amount of time working on that transition from low ready to first plate. Keeping the red dot mounted as low to the bore axis as possible makes for faster sight acquisition. The easiest and cleanest way to do this is to mount the red dot directly to the top of the upper,” commented Volquartsen Firearms President Scott Volquartsen.

New Scorpion-X Pistol from Volquartsen Firearms - More Optics Options

The Scorpion-X features a 1/2×28 threaded stainless steel barrel in either a 6″ or 4.5″ configuration and has been treated with a laser-hardened breech and sits within a Type III hard anodized aluminum shroud. The pistol has also been fitted with Volquartsens accurizing kit featuring a 2.25 lb trigger pull, DLC coated competition bolt, single port compensator, and of course the main event – the LLV-X upper with its universal red dot mount system which allows for direct mounting of a much wider variety of red dot optics.

The Scorpion-X will be sold as either a complete package for $1,410 with either a Volqurtsen Competition Bolt or a factory Ruger MKII/MKIII bolt which should bring the price down a bit. If you’re really just after the upper, Volquartsen is also offering the LLV-X upper as a standalone product for $514. For more information on the Scorpion-X and the LLV-X upper, you can visit to order one or learn more.

New Scorpion-X Pistol from Volquartsen Firearms - More Optics Options

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