NEW Curtis Custom SCOUT Action By: Hrachya H


Curtis Custom, a Texas-based manufacturer of bolt action rifle actions, has introduced a new short action Remington 700 footprint action called Scout. While being the most affordable action in the company’s catalog, the Curtis Custom Scout is advertised to hold the same high quality as the rest of their product line. Let’s see what features are offered in the new Curtis Custom Scout action.

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The Curtis Custom Scout action takes the same barrel tennon as their Axiom and Hybrid actions and has an extended ejection port borrowed from their flagship Valor action. The latter, by the way, is the official action of the 2022 Precision Rifle Series (PRS).

Curtis Custom Scout Action (2)

The receiver of Curtis Custom Scout action is machined out of one-piece 416 stainless steel and has a matte stainless finish. It is fitted (screwed and pinned) with a black anodized aluminum 20-MOA top Picatinny rail and has a double pinned recoil lug. The 3-lug spiral fluted bolt of Curtis Custom Scout action has a 750″ diameter, 60-degree bolt throw, M-16 style extractor and DLC coating. The Curtis Custom Scout action is available in BDL and AI bottom metal options, in right or left-hand configurations and with the following bolt face diameters: .390″, .420″, .450″, .480” and .540″. The headspace tolerances are held within .001″.

Curtis Custom Scout action is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $899. The choice of left or right-hand orientation and the bolt face diameter do not affect the price. The shipping cost is $25 and the current lead time is 4 weeks.

Tell us in the comments section if this relatively more affordable Curtis action is appealing to you for a new build or would you rather go with another action in this price range?

Pictures by Curtis Custom,