LAPD plans to scale back patrols on troubled new bridge By:


By Sarah Calams

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LOS ANGELES — Last month, L.A.’s Sixth Street Viaduct bridge was closed multiple days in a row after reports of street takeovers and crashes. Later, Los Angeles officials said they would install speed bumps to deter dangerous speed displays and exhibitions. Now, the Los Angeles Police Department is scaling back their patrol presence as disruptive incidents have begun to decrease.

LAPD officials told ABC7 they’re reducing the amount of officers working overtime to patrol the bridge. However, they also told the L.A. news outlet that there are still some attempts at impeding traffic on the bridge. For example, undercover LAPD officers recently stopped a group of truckers from having a car show on the bridge. The officers were alerted to the group’s post on Instagram about the car show.

The city’s public works committee is discussing the installation of cameras and anti-climbing devices on the bridge. This maintenance, according to the committee, would cost the city over $700,000 to ensure the public’s safety on the bridge.