Utreon: Good Video Hosting for Both Viewers & Creators By: Ian McCollum


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I have mentioned Utreon before, but I want to take a moment to do so again. The site continues to grow and improve, and it has a bunch of features that are actually better than YouTube and Patreon – something virtually no other alternative hosting site can claim.

Utreon is fundamentally a combination of independent video hosting and voluntary paid channel subscriptions (YouTube + Patreon). In a nutshell, its benefits are:

– Political & technological independence– Based on transparency and fairness– Solid featureset– Real investor capital to allow it to build a sustainable model as it grows– Not gun-specific

Utreon is still a small site, tiny compared to a behemoth like YouTube. But it continues to grow and improve, and it is a solid platform for creators to use and earn income on today as a backup or an alternative for a YouTube channel.