The Pineworld K5 Gun Safe with Biometric Entry Reviewed By: Joshua Swanagon


When it comes to bedside gun safes, preventing unauthorized entry is the name of the game. But the delicate balance is that authorized users must have fast and easy access. For this reason, Pineworld provides near bulletproof construction and three methods of entry with its K5 gun safe.

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The Pineworld K5 Gun Safe

I was recently approached by Pineworld regarding its new safe, the K5. As someone who takes firearm safety seriously, I was very interested in checking it out.

Weighing 16 pounds, the K5 features a 2.5mm-thick 10-gauge carbon steel cover and 3.5mm sides. Likewise, a heavy-duty latch makes prying it open very difficult; more on that later. Additionally, an included heavy-duty cable allows you to anchor the safe to a stationary object to prevent unauthorized removal. Four mounting holes also allow permanent mounting to a solid surface.

The 11.81” x 6.59” x 2.8” interior includes a thick foam lining to protect your pistols from damage. The spacious interior easily fits my Springfield Hellcat Pro, with Trijicon optic and extra magazine along with my Taurus 651 revolver.

The Pineworld K5 gun safe comfortably fits my Springfield Hellcat Pro with Trijicon RMR and extra magazine, along with a Taurus 651 revolver.

Alternatively, I can comfortably fit my SIG P226 with Hogue grips and Streamlight TLR-1s, along with an extra magazine and plenty of room to access both.

My SIG P226 with Hogue grips and Streamlight gun light fit easily with an extra magazine.

The single gas strut seems very durable and provides strong opposing pressure when closing the lid. Entry is fast via the biometric reader, and the lid clears the access point fast enough to get to my pistol in a hurry. According to the company, the strut allows for 30,000 entries. But I haven’t reached anywhere near that amount, so time will tell.

Just forward of the door is the keypad, along with a biometric reader and speaker with LED backlighting. The placement of the access methods feels natural and takes up little room. In addition, the front of the K5 includes a mechanical lock for emergency access if the batteries die.

The biometric reader provides instant access to the Pineworld K5 gun safe.

Likewise, a USB-C port next to the mechanical lock provides emergency power. Unfortunately, the placement on the front is awkward and not ideal as a permanent power source. But it will provide access in a pinch.

Setting Up the K5 Gun Safe

Setting up the K5 was pretty straightforward. Although it is a foreign company, the directions were easy to interpret and work through.

To start, the safe ships with a small box containing two mechanical keys. Once you open the safe with the keys, you find the mounting cable inside. Also inside is the battery compartment that holds 4 AA batteries for the main operation of the safe. So, I installed the batteries and closed the safe.

Mechanical keys provide initial access for setup of the safe.
Just inside the front is the battery compartment to house the 4AA batteries.

Next, I set the administrator password on the keypad. It requires six numbers, which I think is a bit much for something you want to enter quickly. Not to mention, after entering the six-digit code, you have to press the “checkmark” button to open it. So, that is seven digits before you can access the safe.

Moving on to the biometric setup, I set up the administrator fingerprint first and then had my wife set up a user fingerprint. The K5 accepts 50 different fingerprints, so my wife and I each set up multiple fingerprints, using different parts of our index finger. By doing this, we are sure that the safe will open, even in the dark, when we might not hit the biometric scanner perfectly.

I have opened it numerous times with the biometric scanner, and it worked consistently with only a few negative scans.

Installing the cable is equally easy. Simply wrap one end around a stationary object. Then open the lid, and there is a small hole in the back that you pass the cable through. Finally, install the end onto the post with a wing nut attachment.

The post to install the cable in the Pineworld K5, is just inside the rear of the gun safe.

It’s worth noting that there is also an app available. But it is a third-party app, and I am uncomfortable giving them my information.

Shooting the Pineworld K5 Gun Safe

When I was provided the safe, Pineworld notified me that it is bulletproof and can withstand fire from a handgun. They didn’t need to talk me into shooting it. So, I asked for a plate from one, and they sent me an entire safe that had been returned. That’s what I’m talking about.

First, I set it up with the lid facing me and shot it from roughly 10 yards out with my Hellcat Pro 9mm. At first, I didn’t focus on aim because I wanted to see the effects of single rounds, to see if any would penetrate. Each shot created a solid dimple in the steel, but nothing made it through.

After sustained gun fire, I was able to get through the safe with 5 shots.

So, I tightened up my aim and started drilling. Focusing on the center, I was able to open up five holes, although one was an extension of another hole. At one point, when one of the shots penetrated the lid, it popped open. So, I shut it and continued.

Then, I turned it with the front facing me and started picking the lock and trying to gain access through the key panel. At no point during this round did it pop back open. But in full disclosure, it might be due to the damage already present.

I tried to pick the lock on the Pineworld K5 gun safe with some 9mm lockpicks.

When I got back home, I tried to open it to inspect the interior damage but could not get it open. The lock was very loose, so the key didn’t work at all. I then worked at prying it open, and it didn’t want to open for me. After working on it for a while, I finally got it open, but now it won’t close again.

The verdict: it can withstand gunfire but not sustained gunfire. I was kind of impressed that the lock didn’t come out, though.

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I am pretty happy with this safe. For a biometric safe, it has a good price point as well at $189.00. And it has proven itself to be very solid and sturdy, even after exquisite abuse.

Although I haven’t had much time with it to report on battery life, etc., it is performing quite well so far. In fact, this is now my wife’s safe for her side of the bed. And I am very comfortable with that.

If you’re in the market for a good gun safe at an affordable price, the Pineworld K5 is a solid choice. Just don’t shoot yours, I’m pretty sure it will void the warranty.

For more information, please visit

The safe fits nicely in a bedside cabinet.

Pineworld K5 Gun Safe Features

WiFi Connected
– App Control
– Remotely Unlock
– Unlock Record
Biometric Quick Access
– 0.5s Quickly Unlock
– 50 fingerprints and 50 passcodes
Gas Strut to Auto Unlock
Anti-Theft Alarm
Duress Alarm Passcode
Virtual Passcode
MSRP: $189.00

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