“If You Go Far Enough Left, You Get Your Magazines Back” By: Lars Smith

Photo Credit: Backwoodshome.com

Under no pretext is the Portland Socialist Rifle Organization interested in lying down for magazine capacity limits. From what may be an unexpected corner for many, this call to resist anti-gun legislation by petitioning to submit an argument against the bill in the Voter Information Pamphlet that is mailed to all registered voters in the state before every election has gone out.

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Despite being oft-conflated with Democrats, Socialists have usually got at least one thing right: Shall Not Be Infringed. Whatever you think of their other policy stances, I think we can probably all appreciate not wanting to be arbitrarily limited to 10 rounds, especially given how unlikely such laws are to genuinely impact anyone but law abiding gun owners.

Is it worth endorsing the SRA to push back against democrats? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all. Facing a poorly written law that requires an undefined demonstration of proof a given standard capacity magazine was purchased prior to the law taking effect, and harsh penalties for anyone who cannot, it’s going to be a consideration some Oregon gun owners are going to have to make.

Politics makes strange bedfellows, after all, and resisting unconstitutional laws that negatively impact your right to effective self-preservation is the duty of all Americans who care about such things. Whatever your disposition toward them, they’re fighting for the right cause at the moment, and the ends may justify the means.