Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO & PMM EVO Grip Modules By: Hrachya H


Icarus Precision has introduced the ACE 365 EVO series of SIG P365 grip modules. The new EVO series currently includes two grip modules – ACE 365 XL EVO and ACE 365 PMM EVO. The XL EVO grip module has a dust cover flush fitting the length of a SIG P365 XL slide. The PMM EVO is designed to fit flush an XL length slide and PMM Gen 2 Micro JTTC compensator combo.

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Icarus Precision @ TFB:

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Icarus Precision ACE 365 PMM EVO (2)

Icarus Precision ACE 365 PMM EVO

Here is how Icarus Precision describes the geometry of the new EVO series grip modules:

Icarus Precision’s pursuit of perfection has lead us to “evolve” yet again BEYOND THE EXPECTED. This next “evolution” of the Icarus brand has produced the NEW “EVO” series grip module bringing FULL SIZE grip module features to the Sig Sauer P365 micro carry platform. With a completely re-designed grip geometry featuring our first ever “back strap swell”. This “Memory Bump” or “Razor Back” style swell fills into the negative space in the pit of the users hand. This new geometry left and right panels with their tapering slim line front progressing to a wider rear section and incorporation of the unique Icarus style narrowed and flipped beavertail forcing the hand into position as high as possible for that immediate “master grip” acquisition. Not only do the ergonomics feel seamless with the operators hand, but the module with it’s expanded grip dimensions and ambidextrous “AMBI” thumb ledges provides MORE contact area and feedback to the user than any module on the market!

EVO series grip modules also feature double undercut trigger guards, Icarus Precision’s signature 360-degree checkering style grip texture and a rearward extended magazine well.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO (2)

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO

The two EVO grip modules are machined out of different aluminum alloys: the XL EVO is made of 7075-T6 aluminum whereas the PMM EVO is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Compared to the XL EVO, the PMM EVO grip module has an additional 17-4 PH stainless steel recoil lug and tungsten weights in the backstrap. Both grip modules feature 1913/Picatinny accessory rails. Having a longer dust cover portion to accommodate an XL slide with a PMM brake, the PMM EVO has a longer 5-slot rail compared to the 3-slot rail of the XL EVO. Both grip modules are available either in Matte Black or Fire Bronze anodizing colors. The overall weight of the ACE 365 XL EVO grip module is 4.77 oz and the PMM EVO weighs in at 5.475 oz.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO (4)

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO grip module is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $379.99. The price of the ACE 365 PMM EVO is $449.99. These prices are for no-safety Matte Black anodized grip modules. The manual safety versions of both grip modules will cost you $10 more and for the Fire Bronze anodizing color you’ll need to add $35. The magazine release buttons are not included with these grip modules.

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO (3)

Icarus Precision ACE 365 XL EVO

Pictures by Icarus Precision, www.icarusprecision.com