GForce Arms Tease Their First Pistol: The GF9 EQUALIZER By: Matthew Moss


GForce Arms have shared a brief teaser of their first pistol, the GF9 Equalizer. They also shared an announcement that provided some more detail on the pistol. The GF9 comes with a 3.25in barrel, fiber optic sights out of the box and the pistol’s slide is also optics ready.

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Here are some images from the teaser:

GForce Arms Tease Their First Pistol: The GF9 EQUALIZER

The GF9 Equalizer (GForce)

GForce Arms Tease Their First Pistol: The GF9 EQUALIZER

The GF9 Equalizer (GForce)

Here’s the teaser video:

Here’s what GForce have to say about their new pistol:

GForce Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the EQUALIZER GF9 handgun to be made here in the USA.

Rich in features, the Equalizer boasts front and rear slide serrations for fast weapon manipulation. Out of the box fiber optic sights are equipped, and an optics ready slide able to mount any red dot using a RMR footprint. A 3.25” 9mm precision barrel to ensure you are putting accurate rounds on target. With aggressive stippling on the grip and thumb rest, the Equalizer makes recoil management easy. A flat faced trigger aids in a smooth trigger pull. In addition, four grip backstraps are included (0°, 2°, 4°, and 6°) to create the perfect grip angle for the shooter.

Heavy in glock compatibility, the GForce Equalizer is a game changer for aftermarket part support. Fully customizable trigger, slide, barrel, sights, and optics. This allows the end user to truly make the Equalizer their own; with the additions of different trigger weight, slide ergonomics, barrels and suppressors, as well as red dots.

GForce Arms is a team of people who absolutely, undeniably, and without question love our country and firearms. We love to shoot with our family and friends. We take pride in our products and strive to provide firearm buyers with a quality and reliable product at an affordable price. We strive to generate new and positive interest in shooting sports. Finally, we strongly support the promotion and education of shooting sports and firearms safety, regardless of age, gender, or experience.


Style: 9mm Handgun

Capacity: 12-Round Magazine

Manufacturer: GForce Arms, U.S.A.

Chamber: 9MM

Barrel Length: 3.25”

Front Sight: Red Fiber-Optic

Rear Sight: Green Fiber-Optic

Material: Glass-Filled Polymer and Steel

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