Beto: There’s Nothing Funny About Weapons of War, Motherf@cker! [VIDEO] By: Dan Zimmerman


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When your campaign is lagging and your best bet for catching your opponent is slipping away, lots of candidates resort to tactics and even language they figure might get them some free publicity. Why not? What does Robert Francis O’Rourke have to lose at this point?

The faux Hispanic’s best bet for pulling even with incumbent Greg Abbott in the race for Texas Governor was to pray for disaster. He was saying nightly prayers to Gaia, hoping the state’s electrical grid would collapse as it did in the Great Freeze of ’21. But not only did the Lone Star State make it through the winter just fine, it’s navigated a blistering hot summer too, meeting record power demand.

Hot summers are nothing new here in Texas. But with the state absorbing invading hordes of refugees from hellholes on both coasts (as well as Illinois) over the last few years, power demand earlier this summer topped California and New York combined. And the grid handled it.

While that’s good news for Texans, it’s bad news for “Beto.” So, with his best shot at narrowing the gap in the polls looking less likely, he’s reverting to form. He embarrassed himself publicly, trying to pin the blame for the Uvalde school shooting on Abbott during a press conference. That pretty much backfired. So now he’s back to inveighing against scary-looking guns and waiving the bloody shirt.

Everyone remembers his famous “hell yes” moment during his failed presidential bid when he promised to confiscate Americans’ AR-15s and AK47s. Now, after some wildly transparent lies that no one in Texas bought, he’s doing what he does best, brooking no dissent from anyone in his attempt to blame an AR rifle for the Uvalde shooting. And he’s trying to convince Texans their gun laws are too permissive.

During a campaign stop yesterday in Mineral Wells, Texas, Robert Francis went full street preacher while proclaiming the evils of “weapons of war” in the hands of civilians. When one attendee had trouble swallowing Beto’s bullsh!t and snickered audibly, the candidate pounced.

As Fox News reports, O’Rourke told the man . . .

“It may be funny to you mother—-er,” but it’s not funny to me,” he shouts as supporters cheer. 

The assembled crowd dutifully gave him a standing O. It isn’t clear how his campaign managed to cobble together that many supporters so far outside a major population center, but with record amounts of cash pouring in from outside the state, logistics are much easier.

And…mission accomplished. Robert Francis’s F-bomb got him the coverage he’d hoped for. What’s less clear is whether MF-ing Texans on the trail will do much to get him the votes he desperately needs in November.