POTD: Dutch Korps Commandotroepen By: Eric B


In today’s Photo Of The Day, we have an image called “For the sniper lovers” from the highly talented Hille James Combat Photographer. The soldiers are from the Dutch Korps Commandotroepen. Can you identify the rifle without looking at the tag?

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POTD: Dutch Korps Commandotroepen

Also, check the “Dutch Sniper in Baghdad” and “And I was in the Darkness and Darkness I Became” photos by Hille James.

Over a century ago there was a growing number of magazines published throughout the world.  There was an increased demand for photographic illustrations for the magazines to be competitive and sell more editions. With time the cameras developed and became lighter, cheaper and easier to use. We all know that was only the beginning, as lenses, motor drives, electronic flash and things like auto-focus developed in the 1960s and into the digital era, with all its potential. Just imagine what the Internet has done to things like deadlines for a photographer. No more time wasted in a darkroom full of chemicals. As a bonus, it’s easy to edit images to one’s liking in Photoshop and similar software. We’ll be back tomorrow with another Photo Of The Day.

Photo source: Hille James Combat Photographer