Kalashnikov USA and CMC Triggers Introduce The AK 2.0 Trigger By: Hrachya H


Kalashnikov USA and CMC Triggers have teamed up to introduce the new AK 2.0 Trigger which is presumably the new generation of CMC’s AK triggers. The AK 2.0 is a drop-in non-adjustable single-stage trigger that according to Kalashnikov USA, has been tested extensively in KUSA rifles and provides positive ignition with a wide variety of ammunition. Let’s take a closer look.

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KUSA partnered with CMC Triggers to create the ultimate upgrade for your AK47 variant. With its 100% modular, CNC-machined, and easy to install design, our trigger group will give your AK the cleanest, most reliable trigger pull it’s ever had.

Kalashnikov USA and CMC Triggers Introduce The AK 2.0 Trigger (1)

KUSA/CMC AK 2.0 Trigger features a machined 7075-T6 anodized aluminum housing and trigger mechanism components made of 8620 alloy steel and S-7 tool steel. This trigger is available in two pre-set trigger pull weight options: 2.5 lb or 3.5 lb. The AK 2.0 Trigger was specifically designed for Kalashnikov USA’s KR-103 and KP/KR-9 series of rifles but it should fit any other AK that has correctly aligned and dimensioned trigger and hammer pins.

The AK 2.0 Trigger is listed on Kalashnikov USA’s website at an MSRP of $189.99. It is currently available with a flat trigger bow only but in the pictures published by KUSA and CMC, there is a curved trigger version too which will probably be introduced later.

Kalashnikov USA and CMC Triggers Introduce The AK 2.0 Trigger (3)

If you have used the CMC AK triggers before, let us know in the comments section what you think about them. Was there anything that you wish they have changed in this new trigger? What is your favorite AK trigger in general and why?

Pictures by Kalashnikov USA (www.kalashnikov-usa.com) and CMC Triggers (www.cmctriggers.com)