Eemann Tech Ultimate DA/SA Trigger for Tanfoglio Pistols By: Eric B


Eemann Tech, a company based in Tallinn, Estonia, was founded by experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the IPSC/Competition shooting arena. The main field of activity is manufacturing high-quality spare and tuning parts, steel targets and accessories for IPSC sports. As a user of Tanfoglio handguns for competition, I’m always on the lookout for new interesting products. According to Eemann Tech, their new DA/SA flat trigger for Tanfoglio pistols allows for a more precise control of the trigger press and reset. It works with the Tanfoglio STOCK II III and Tanfoglio Xtreme II and III pistols.

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The Eemann Tech Ultimate DA/SA Trigger is made of aluminum and comes in black or silver colors. The upgrade is approved for use in the IPSC and USPSA Production divisions. This kind of trigger is also available for some of the CZ handguns.

Here is the product announcement from Eemann Tech:

Eemann Tech Ultimate DA/SA Trigger for Tanfoglio

The shape of the ultimate trigger was developed with help of bio-mechanical engineers and physicians for the best possible ergonomics, performance and perfect functioning of your trigger with the Tanfoglio platform.

The radius of the curve in the trigger is half way between the factory trigger and our flat trigger giving the best of both.

The over travel screw allows for a shorter press and reset.

The end of the trigger has a tighter radius than the factory model and won’t bottom out against the frame of the pistol. It also allows for smaller hands to feel more comfortable.

The DA/SA Ultimate Trigger allows for more precise control of the trigger press and reset!

It is also specially produced for use in Double Action mode with your Tanfoglio pistol.

Works perfectly with all steel framed Tanfoglio pistols with any installed disconnectors!

Compatible with:
• Tanfoglio STOCK II, III or similar
• Tanfoglio Xtreme II, III or similar

The set includes:
• Ultimate SA/DA Trigger for Tanfoglio
• Screw for Eemann Tech triggers (ET-131002)
• Eemann Tech Disconnector Pin for Tanfoglio (ET-150003)
• 1.5 mm L-Shape Hex Key (ET-030012)
• Eemann Tech Competition Trigger Spring (-15% power) for Tanfoglio (ET-151331)

You have all you need for the perfect trigger group in one package.

Installation takes a few minutes only.

You can find a direct link here. The list price is 67,95 €.

What do you think of the trigger? Is it something you would consider?