Video: Las Vegas shop owner fights back, stabs robber



By Sarah Calams

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LAS VEGAS — Last week, an 80-year-old convenience store owner in Norco, California, shot an armed robber’s “arm off” while he entered into the store with a semi-automatic rifle. The security video went viral and the store owner’s wife had only one message to share following the incident: “Stay out of Norco, because everybody in Norco has a gun.”

Now, another store surveillance video is going viral in Las Vegas. This time, the owner of a local smoke shop was tasked with defending himself with a knife from a group of thieves.

The video shows the store’s owner, Johnny Nguyen, asking two suspicious men wearing ski masks to leave the store. Soon after the confrontation, one man takes a tip jar from the store and another jumps over the counter, 3News reported. That’s when Nguyen lunges at the man, stabbing him at least seven times as another runs out of the store.

“The whole time I was a little bit nervous because obviously I was getting robbed,” Nguyen told Fox5. “I was really scared for my life … one of them came in with a bag as if he had a firearm.”

Nguyen called the police following the incident. Two juveniles were arrested and police are still looking for the third suspect. The stabbed suspect was taken to a hospital.