The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology By: Luke C.


Langdon Tactical Technology is teaming up with the folks over at Heckler & Koch to add to LTT’s existing lineup of fine aftermarket pistol and parts offerings. The new LTT HK P30 Series will feature Langdon Tactical’s premium level of customization which should result in an overall superior firearm that is tailored exactly to your liking. For those who keep close tabs on Langdon Tactical, the new LTT HK P30 Series shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as rumors have abounded on various gun forums that LTT was likely gearing up to start working with HK products. More details and current offerings in the LTT HK P30 Series can be found below.

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The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology

The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology


Unparalleled quality meets precision customization.

Heckler & Koch have cemented a reputation for excellence. HK creates firearms which are insanely reliable, highly functional, and ergonomic across a wide range of grip needs. Pair that with Langdon Tactical’s relentless pursuit of premium level customization and you get a superior firearm with maximal performance absolutely tailored to you.

If you love HK as much as we do and you want the ultimate trigger pull experience, precision RDO cut, and performance-ready sights all in one place.

We’re customizing P30/P30L/P30SK DASA, and LEM pistols:

  • Trigger Jobs with Multiple Pull Weight Options
  • Gray Guns Flat Trigger or Stock P30 Trigger Options
  • Sight Upgrades including Trijicon HD-XR Night Sights and LTT’s Low RDO Solution

The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology

LTT will be offering this customization service on brand new guns that will be transferred either to you directly through your local FFL once modifications are done, or will be transferred to you first before they are shipped off to LTT for modification in the case of the HK P2000 DA/SA pistol. The cost of shipping in that case is included in the total price listed on the LTT website. The LEM (Law Enforcement Modification) offering has proved to be quite popular with some firearms owners due to its ease of use and one that H&K is quite well known for. The trigger modification alone provides the user with about 1/3 of the trigger pull weight of the original gun, as well as improved overtravel and pretravel characteristics.

The New HK P30 Series from Langdon Tactical Technology

Pricing on both the HK P30 DA/SA and the P30 LEM Series pistols starts at $999.50 before options, and the California-compliant version HK P2000 starts at $1,059 before options. Let us know if you’ve used or purchased any of LTT’s customized guns or services and what your experiences have been down in the comments below.