Hi-Point Model 995 Review: Is it Worthy of “High Points?” By: Ryan Domke

Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine on a wooden palate

I recently reviewed the Hi-Point C9 and was pleasantly surprised by its reliability. It raised my interest level in exploring some of Hi-Point’s other firearms. Hi-Point was kind enough to send a Model 995 to review. I’ll be darned! It looks like we have another reliable firearm on our hands.

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Why grab a Pistol-Caliber Carbine (PCC)?

Some think PCCs are just range toys, but they are so much more. In my opinion, they make for solid home defense weapons and great SHTF weapons. Often found in more compact sizes than their larger counterparts make maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing rooms all the easier. Should there come a time when we see a SHTF scenario play out, you can share ammo between your handguns and carry more of it (from a space perspective). Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that grabbing a box of 9mm is going to be much easier on your wallet than the same amount of 5.56.

Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine atop the shipping box with accessories set to the side
Out of the box, you’re good to go. The 995 comes with a 10-round magazine, trigger lock, sling, and swivels.

Unboxing and First Thoughts

Opening the box at my FFL, I found a 10-round magazine, sling, swivels, and trigger lock in addition to the 995 itself. At the low price point the 995 hovers around, it was nice to see any extra accessories at all.


The 995 is not meant to be an ultra-light and compact carbine. It has some weight and bulkiness to it, but honestly doesn’t feel as bulky as it looks when you shoulder it. Even though there is plenty of polymer on this gun, it feels well-built. I was excited to get it out to the range stall.


Hi-Point 995 Features

Just because the 995 is affordable, doesn’t mean it lacks in the features department. Similar to what you’d find on other PCCs, the 995 has adjustable iron sights, picatinny rails, and a threaded barrel. Unlike the C9 I tested, this trigger is consistent with a predictable break.

One of the rather unique features is the skeletonized stock that contains an internal recoil buffer. It helps to absorb some of the minuscule recoil from the 9mm round. The funny thing, it pinched my cheek a couple times. After a small position change, it was fine. However, I was not expecting that to happen in the first place.

Rifle barrel with the threaded cap removed
A threaded barrel can be found on the 995, allowing you add a suppressor.

I always like to make a point to mention when firearms are made in the USA, and the Model 995 is 100% American-made and assembled. Just some icing on the cake at this price point.


Caliber: 9mmCapacity: 10+1Action: Semi-AutomaticLength: 31 inchesWeight: 6.25 poundsBarrel Length: 16.5 inchesSights: AdjustableFrame: PolymerBarrel: Threaded (1/2 x 28)

Throwing Lead Down Range          

Luckily ammo prices are starting to normalize (slightly) again, so it hasn’t hurt too bad putting the 200 rounds through it that I have so far. The 995 has given me zero issues with FMJ or JHP rounds. The one area that I did have issues, but not technically malfunctions, was getting the magazine to fully seat. Oddly enough, the magazine would remain inserted as if it was, but it still needed that extra push.

Hi-Point 995 carbine atop a MTM Case-Gard rifle case
Since the 995 comes in a simple cardboard box, the author decided to transport it to and from the range in a hard rifle case from MTM Case-gard.

When it came to accuracy, I wound up having to work so out some kinks but found the gun to be average to slightly above average given the standard sights. My first several magazines were spent trying to slightly adjust the sights, but afterward, I was able to get roughly 3-inch groups at 15 yards indoors and was able to place shots on 8” gongs out to 40–50 yards.  

High Scores?

The time has come to give my final thoughts. Given the reliability and potential accuracy with some adjustment, I think the Hi-Point 995 is a solid, entry-level PCC to familiarize yourself with the platform. It has what you need out of the box to hit the range right away and leaves you with some money for ammo or accessories. If you’re looking at PCCs, it’s worth giving the Hi-Point 995 a look and weighing its features vs. cost.

What is your favorite 9mm carbine? How does it compare to the Hi-Point Model 995? Share your answers in the comment section.

  • sight picture of the Hi-Point 995 at an indoor range
  • Hi-Point 995 carbine atop a MTM Case-Gard rifle case
  • Rifle barrel with the threaded cap removed
  • Forend and accessories on the Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine
  • Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine atop the shipping box with accessories set to the side
  • Author's hand holding the grip for comparison
  • 10-round magazine with a 20-round Redball Sports magazine
  • Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine on a wooden palate
  • paper sight in target with 5 five-shot groups showing the performance at varying distances