Good Guy with a Gun: Study of CCW Holders Stopping Mass Shootings By: Joshua Swanagon


Following the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, gun control advocates have taken the anti-gun narrative to a fever pitch. They insist that the only way to prevent mass shootings is to institute stricter gun control on law-abiding citizens. However, when a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun in an Indiana mall, they disregard it as isolated. But a Crime Prevention Research Center study proves it to be quite common.

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Study Proves the Good Guy with a Gun Theory

The gun control lobby has spent years trying to create a narrative that guns are never used for self-defense. They have dedicated a plethora of articles across liberal media to help build this false premise. Likewise, they insist that the only people who should be armed are police officers. And then they attend a “defund the police” rally.

Not to open a still healing wound, but we saw how trained law enforcement handled Uvalde. It wasn’t a shining endorsement for disarming citizens and making them rely on that kind of response.

This isn’t meant as an attack on law enforcement officers. They have a very hard and dangerous job. Not to mention thankless in today’s society. I am just demonstrating that you are your own last line of defense. As the saying goes, “when seconds count, police are just minutes away.”

However, in stark contrast is the recent incident in the mall in Indiana. After an active shooter opened fire on unsuspecting victims in a food court, it only took an armed citizen 15 seconds to stop it. Although, unfortunately, three people were killed, it could’ve been far worse if not for the good guy with a gun.

There are many cases like this where a concealed carry permit holder acted in their own self-defense or the defense of others. You may have noticed that we have been compiling stories of recent cases where guns save lives. This is not by accident. It’s an effort to create a one-stop reference library of evidence when gun grabbers try to tell you otherwise.

An Ongoing Study

Well, we aren’t the only ones providing such a resource. The Crime Prevention Research Center has a running list of cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped likely mass shootings. In fact, the list was recently updated to include the case in Indiana.

The post was originally written in April of 2015 but is still periodically updated. However, it states that lack of news coverage on the topic means they probably do not have all the cases. Still, 60 cases over seven years are nothing to take lightly. That is a lot of mass shootings that could have been far worse.

But it’s important to note that the list only compiles instances where firearms were used to stop likely mass shootings. It does not include the use of firearms in the act of self-defense.

When it comes to self-defense, American Gun Facts states, “The best estimates are that guns are used to deter or thwart crime between 500,000 and 2.8 million times per year, but the more likely answer is probably somewhere in the middle. A 2021 survey estimated that guns are used 1.67 million times per year in self defense in the United States.”

No Shortage of Examples

As I mentioned, there are 60+ cases to dig through. So, you will have no shortage of examples for your gun control friends. The list even includes some examples you may recognize from our reporting. Such as the Indiana case and the case of the woman who prevented a mass shooting at a graduation party.

Here are a few other examples:

Phenix City, AL, April 13, 2022 (WTVM, Ledger-Enquirer)
Two suspects went to the truck shop over a dispute from earlier in the day. One got out of his vehicle and begin to shoot at four people standing outside the business. One of the intended victims with a concealed handgun permit had his own firearm and returned fire, striking both suspects. The business owner Paul Thrasher said ‘if [they] would not have been [sic] returned fire, he would have advanced on us we would have had a fatality. Thank God for my employees.’”

Portland, OR, February 19, 2022
A homeowner allegedly confronted participants at a racial justice demonstration Saturday night before pulling out a handgun and shooting multiple people in the crowd, leaving one woman dead and several others injured. The shooting ended when a person with the group of demonstrators, who is licensed to conceal carry a firearm, fired back, striking the homeowner in the hip.”

Syracuse, NY, August 31, 2021
The District Attorney credited a property manager with saving the lives of several individuals after he pulled a legally possessed 9mm handgun and fatally wounded a man who opened fire on a crowd outside a building.”

You Can Take Your Chances, and I’ll Take a Good Guy with a Gun

You know the saying, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” It’s not just a bumper sticker, it is founded on fact.

Case after case proves that guns save lives, specifically good guys with guns. Not everyone can live in a gated community with a security guard or ten. Some of us live in the real world where people are shot and killed by criminals as a result of rising violent crime and soft-on-crime policies.

As crime increases and gun control rhetoric dominates every TV across the nation, you should understand the facts. If you still support gun control, that is your right. We live in a country where diversity of thought is encouraged, and you are welcome to lead by example and disarm yourself.

You can take your chances, but I will take a good guy with a gun.

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