A Right Delayed… By: Lars Smith

Photo Credit: CBS News

LA County CCW (386 days)

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A post on the CAGuns subreddit recently illustrated that the wheels on the Hall of Justice in LA County could use some grease. According to the OP, it took what amounts to a year and most of a February to get a CHL approved in the most populous county in California. The fact that it’s being issued at all may come as a surprise to many, but in what is now effectively (along with every other state in the country, thanks SCOTUS!) a shall-issue state, this is atrocious. Thankfully the recipient didn’t seem to be under immediate threat, but one can only imagine what it must be like to be the subject of stalking, harassment, or abuse in LA County. Attempting to protect yourself from a credible threat with more than a piece of paper and the honor system hopefully won’t always have a multi-month lead time, but this situation certainly doesn’t lend itself to the citizenry embracing abiding the law when it comes to self-defense.As the impacts of the rollbacks on unconstitutional gun regulations shake out, we will likely see the gears start moving a little faster on things like this, even as state governments play fuck-fuck games with our rights, trying to end run the Supreme Court. All else being the same, state laws like CA, NJ, and NY’s heavy handed concealed carry regulations, and attempts to open up gunmakers to lawsuits for… well, making guns should die long, expensive deaths on the steps of the highest court in the land, but until then we can only hope for the best and harass our representatives to do the right thing.