Taurus GX4 — Budget-Friendly Micro 9 By: Alex Cole

Taurus GX4 and Spare Mag

Sometimes, it’s hard to get excited about a pistol until you get it in hand. This was the case with the Taurus GX4. At first glance, it’s just another micro compact 9mm that is all the rage right now for concealed carry. The Springfield Hellcat, SIG P365, S&W Shield Plus, there are plenty of options in this size range. Although, I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised with the Taurus’ take on this pint-sized wonder nine.

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Taurus GX4 Features

The Taurus GX4 features texturing on the grip that makes this small pistol easy to handle, even during strings of rapid-fire. It’s a good balance between being rough enough to really lock in your grip and not so rough that it irritates the skin during carry. Front and rear slide cocking serrations make manipulating the slide easy whether you’re charging the pistol, clearing malfunctions, or doing press checks.

Taurus GX4 and Swiss Army Knife
The large flathead driver/bottle opener on a common Swiss Army Knife works well for turning the notch for disassembly.

The striker-fired action is paired with one of those flat-face triggers that are all the rage now. Personally, I could take it or leave it, but I know it is a welcome sight to many shooters. Additionally, the front of the trigger guard is flattened. This allows the shooter to brace the pistol against a barricade or hook the support hand index finger for improved control. If you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade, Taurus also makes the GX4 T.O.R.O., an optics-ready version of this pistol, that comes from the factory ready to mount a red dot sight.


Manufacturer: TaurusCaliber: 9mm LugerCapacity: 11+1 roundsBarrel length: 3.06 inchesSights: White 3-dotOverall length: 6.05 inchesHeight: 4.4 inchesWidth: 1.08 inchesWeight (unloaded): 18.5 ounces

Micro Compact Pistol Size Comparison
The GX4 stacks up well against the competition.

Range Results

The Taurus GX4 performed well at the range. A concealed carry pistol such as this needs to be accurate and reliable to earn its keep in the gun safe. It’s important to test fire any pistol you plan to use for defense to ensure proper function. For a small pistol, the Taurus shoots well. It’s no 40-ounce tack driver, but the GX4 grouped well at common self-defense ranges, and would likely still perform out past that. Shooting at around 10 yards, I was able to consistently get groups around 2.5–3 inches.

The grip allowed for good control, even with sweaty hands and there was enough real estate that I felt I could really lock it in. I actually preferred this grip shape to the standard SIG P365 grip module — a common competitor. It felt slightly thicker and seemed to fill the hand better. I wish that Taurus had included an extended magazine option that provided a little more grip for the pinky, but a quick search proved a 13-round mag is out there.

Taurus GX4 and Target
The pistol demonstrated good self-defense accuracy.


Quality protection doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The Taurus GX4 is a compact and reliable self-defense pistol that is perfect for concealed carry and can easily double in a home defense role. If you’re looking for a concealable pistol that packs a healthy reserve of ammunition, you’d be wise to consider the GX4.

What are your thoughts on the new micro 9 craze? How do you think the Taurus GX4 stacks up against the competition? Share your answers in the comment section.

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