SIG Sauer Releases the Proforce P365 Airsoft Pistol By: Luke C.


Replica airguns or airsoft pistols are a lot of fun for backyard target shooting, force-on-force training, or even just as a fun and inexpensive way to pass the time without heading to the range. SIG Sauer has just announced the release of their newest air pistol, the new Proforce P365 Airsoft gun. The new Proforce P365 Airsoft pistol shoots standard 6mm bbs, features 12-round magazines, and runs off of 12-gram CO2 cartridges.

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SIG Sauer Releases the Proforce P365 Airsoft Pistol

SIG Sauer Releases the Proforce P365 Airsoft Pistol

The P365 redefined the micro-compact pistol category with its unprecedented capacity and shootability, quickly becoming the number one selling pistol in America. Now, you can get the same game-changing pistol in the form of 6mm CO2 Airsoft replica.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost alternative to dry-fire training or simply want a micro-compact pistol for your airsoft loadout, the Proforce P365 has you covered.

The biggest benefit I see here from the airsoft version of the popular P365 pistol is the reduction in the cost of training. This will ring doubly true if the trigger behaves anywhere near the same as it does for the 9mm version of the pistol. The choice to also make it a blowback action pistol is great too for aiding in simulating the recoil impulse found on firearms which should translate to a more 1:1 experience when it comes to training applications (also it’s way more fun).

SIG Sauer Releases the Proforce P365 Airsoft Pistol

The new SIG Sauer Proforce P365 Airsoft pistol is available now directly from the SIG Sauer website or from its many retailers and can even be found in the new SIG Experience Center in Epping, New Hampshire. The Proforce P365 Airsoft CO2-powered pistol is sold for a price of $129.99 and comes with 3-dot fixed sights, 12-round magazines, as well as a functional slide lock with ambidextrous manual safety. Each 12-gram CO2 cartridge will get you about 60-70 shots and the pistol can feed any type of 6mm bb on the market. For more information or to order, you can visit for details.