HUNT365 July 2022 Issue By: True Pearce

The Ultimate Mountain Rifle? Weatherby’s Featherweight All-Carbon Backcountry 2.0 (Full Review)

by Jordan Michaels

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One of the lightest rifles in Weatherby’s lineup, this bolt-action affair clocks in at as little as 4.7 pounds, depending on configuration.

5 Dumb Hunting Mistakes I& 8217;ve Made

5 Dumb Hunting Mistakes I’ve Made

by James Nash

Perhaps the only thing better than learning from your own mistakes is learning from someone else’s.

Backcountry Prep: Test It!

Backcountry Prep: Test It!

by Jace Bauserman

Few things trump a backcountry wilderness adventure but make no mistake, these far-off-the-beaten path hunts have been over-romanticized and can be flat miserable if you’re not prepared.

Thermal Zoom, Zoom, Zoom & 8211; iRay& 8217;s ZH38 Zoom Reviewed

Thermal Zoom, Zoom, Zoom – iRay’s ZH38 Zoom Reviewed

by Steve Gaspar

In this article, I cover the IRay ZOOM, which offers a unique feature to a thermal scanner.

Handgunning Hogs: 44’s and 45’s

Handgunning Hogs: 44’s and 45’s

by Trapr Swonson

The most used and popular calibers, and those associated with handgun hunting, the 44’s and 45’s.