Review: CZ Upland Ultralight Over-Under Shotgun By:


The Huglu barrel set was also made to work more than show off. The absent middle rib surely reduced additional weight on the gun, as did the 26-inch length. The ejectors that typically toss spent shells from the chamber were not spring-loaded, they simply lift the shells from the chambers for the shooter to remove and put in his pocket.

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Time to Shoot

CZ Upland Ultralight Over-Under Shotgun
My shooting time went OK, but not as well as I would have liked. That, however, was likely more me than the gun. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

Once again, I sought the shooting company of my father. His seasoned input on shotguns and their various virtues would come in handy. After switching out the two full chokes that came in the gun for something a little more modified, it was time to start throwing birds.

I love the challenge of hand-thrown clays. There is so much more finesse and the ability to really mess with the shooter. Dad and I have been throwing targets by hand since I was old enough to shoot a shotgun, so the day was surely going to be a fun time. And just to have something to compare it to, Dad brought along his Browning Citori.

CZ Upland Ultralight Over-Under Shotgun
My father joined me to add his take on the gun as an experienced shotgunner with some refined tastes. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

After warming up on some pretty straightforward trap targets, we decided to start mixing it up a bit with report pairs and other angles. Throwing targets from way off to the side of the shooter greatly resembles the speedy green-winged teal that I enjoy chasing through the muddy marsh. The lightweight CZ is very quick to shoulder, and the recoil didn’t seem unreasonable at all despite its ultra lightweight.

To be fair, we were shooting 1-ounce loads, but that didn’t stop us from hammering a whole lotta clay.I found that I wasn’t as good with the CZ as I’d hoped to be. I’d like to blame it on the gun not fitting me or something like that, but it’s more likely due to my lack of practice. Speaking of fit, I didn’t have an issue with it, but my dad did mention the comb was a bit low for his face. He does enjoy adjustable combs on most of his doubles, so it could just be he’s a bit spoiled.

CZ Upland Ultralight next to a Browning Citori
My father did find the comb to be a bit low for him, unlike the fancy adjustable comb on the Citori below. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

My main complaint when shooting the CZ was due to the friction it takes to open the action. New over-under shotguns are pretty stiff and can require some break-in before they loosen up. I don’t know if this gun just needed to be shot more, or if it is just that stiff.

Pros and Cons

While perhaps not as attractive in the looks department, the green Cerakote is perhaps more pragmatic. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

The Upland Ultralight would make a great gun for jumping grouse and partridges in the desert mountains where I do much of my hunting. The lightweight is definitely a big plus for someone who is trekking all over upland bird country. I found the trigger to be perfectly suitable for hunting terrain like that, and with sling studs built into the gun, the shotgun can be easily carried over the shoulder.

The OD green color that surprised me at first actually grew on me a bit. If I’m going to be traipsing all over the mountain in potentially poor weather, I don’t want to deal with a high-maintenance blued finish. The Cerakote makes much more sense. But if you’re going to put a good all-weather coating on the exterior of the gun, perhaps synthetic furniture is also in order?

I must say from the get-go, I was a bit nervous about the barrel lock on this gun. The lever didn’t seem to close enough for my taste. I know they tend to loosen up, and the lever comes more and more to the center as the gun wears, but this was more than that. I can’t help but think there is something slightly out of adjustment on this gun, and its likely something easily remedied. And if that is the case, my biggest concern with this gun is of no consequence.

Final Thoughts