Multitasker Tools M:4: Making Rifle Upgrades Easier By: Kat Ainsworth


Working on your gun, whether for repairs or upgrades, tends to require tools. Some tasks require a greater number of tools than others, and certain things need very specific tools, which is how you end up with piles of gun-related gear everywhere. If your gun toolbox is overflowing, Multitasker Tools has a product out to reduce it a little: the Multi-Tasker M:4, a multi-tool created for the M4 platform. (The M4 being, of course, the military’s name for their full-auto rifle, which has a design like that of the AR-15, although the AR-15 doesn’t have the awesome selector switch.)

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One tool to rule them all? Not quite, but the Multitasker Tool M:4 can handle a variety of tasks on your M4 pattern rifle. (Photo credit: Multitasker Tools)

Multitasker Tools provided the following details regarding their M:4 tool:

The M:4 [patent number 11,092,405] is a 1-piece multi-tool for the M4 carbine designed and manufactured by MultiTasker® in conjunction with B5 Systems, makers of the SOPMOD and SOPMOD-Bravo buttstocks.

The M:4 is precision machined from solid barstock using wire-EDM/CNC and fits discreetly with no visible footprint inside a specially inletted buttpad made by B5. Easily accessible without tools simply by pressing the release tabs on the buttpad. Dot coded to indicate functions.

The M:4 tool from Multitasker Tools is designed to fit inside the buttpad of the B5 stock, so it’s right there when you need it. (Photo credit: Soldier Systems)

The individual tools that have been combined into the M:4 tool include:

  • 1/4 inch slotted screwdriver
  • Dual lug castlenut spanner wrench
  • 1/2 inch hex ring for scope rings
  • Bolt override malfunction clearance tool

With this multi-tool, users can take care of basic fixes and adjustments without having to dig through a pile of tools or leave the range to go home for tools. The M:4 fits neatly inside the buttpad of the B5 Systems stock, although of course you don’t have to have a B5 Systems stock to get the tool itself.

The Multitasker Tools M:4 tool is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and so convenient it fits in the buttpad of B5 stocks. (Photo credit: Multitasker Tools)

The B5 Systems buttpad the tool is designed to fit inside is described by the manufacturer as follows:

Direct replacement buttpad for lost or damaged B5 Systems SOPMOD, Bravo, and Bravo-C buttstocks. Buttpad features a no slip cushioned surface with recoil reducing properties. M4 Tool sold separately.


  • Manufactured from heat and chemical resistant material.
  • Internal compartment for MultiTasker M:4 tool (not included).
  • Toolless installation.
  • Available in all standard colors.


    • Weight: 1.90 ounces
    • Length: 4.90 inches
    • Width: 1.50 inches
As you can see, the buttpad for the B5 Systems stock is designed to fit the Multitaskers Tools M:4 tool. (Photo credit: B5 Systems)

Would you use this multitool on your rifle? Why or why not? Would you put it on your gun? 

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