Leaked Documents Show FBI’s Definition of a Militia Violent Extremist is YOU! – Ammoland.com By: noreply@blogger.com (Mark/GreyLocke)


WASHINGTON, D.C.-(Ammoland.com)-Leaked Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents provided to AmmoLand News and posted on lawyerSteven Stamboulieh’s Twitter account show that the FBI considers most of the Second Amendment community to be possibleMilitia Violent Extremist (MVE).

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The documents were sent to all ATF field offices to guide agents in identifying signs of what could be signs of MVE. These signs include the “Boogaloo” flag or terms like “Big Igloo.” The Boogaloo movement started as a meme referencing the 1980s movie, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, as the second American Civil war. The term has proliferated gun culture and taken on a life of its own.

Another symbol that might suggest an MVE to the FBI is the anarcho-capitalist (ancap) flag. The flag mixes yellow as a symbol of capitalism with the black flag of the anarchist. Anarcho-capitalist believes in replacing the state with minimized public service supplied by companies competing through the free market. Ancaps thinks the services will be cheaper and of higher quality due to competition instead of government monopolies.

The FBI also views the Punisher Skull as a sign of extremism. The skull comes from the Punisher comic book which anti-hero Frank Castle takes his murderous revenge on the criminal underworld. The skull has been used in several movies and a successful Marvel series. It has also been used by SEAL Team 3 and multiple law enforcement organizations, including the Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The Punishers LEMC has numerous FBI Agents as members.

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