Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod Review By: Tom Moore


Today we’re reviewing the Browning Ever Dry electric rod. This gun safe dehumidifier is a great option to help keep your guns and other valuables dry and protected.

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Essentially this rod is an electric element, which increases the surface temperature of the rod which in turn slightly increases the temperature of the air around the rod. This brings down the relative humidity to a level which is better suited to your firearms. This leaves your guns nice and dry, preventing rust and corrosion.

Now let’s dive into the Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod Review.

Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod

Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod

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Browning Rod Specs

  • Dehumidifier Type Electric
  • Cubic Ft Efficiency 200 cubic feet
  • Length 18″
  • Weight 8 oz

Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod Review

The Browning Ever Dry electric rod is very easy to use, simply plug it into any standard outlet, turn it on, and it will start working immediately. It has a built-in shut off feature that kicks in when the relative humidity reaches a certain level, so you don’t have to worry about it overworking itself. Overall, this is an excellent gun safe dehumidifier and I would highly recommend it as another great option.

As an overview of its capacity and size, the Browning Ever Dry electric rod is a great gun safe dehumidifier but in my opinion is more suited to a larger safe. Measuring 18 inches in length, this rod might not be suited to a smaller rifle safe.

Something like the Golden Rod Original might be a better option for small safes, as it has a variety of sizes options from 12 inches to 36 inches in length which makes it a little more versatile. So depending on your situation, the Golden Rod could also be worth considering.

As mentioned above, installation is quick and simple for this gun safe dehumidifier. Be mindful though, you will need an electrical outlet close by. For myself, to access my electrical outlet, I had to drill a hole in the back of my safe to allow access for the power cable. This wasn’t a big task, but it was another step in the installation process. A little tip – use a drill bit or hole saw that would suit a grommet, this will allow you to insert a nylon grommet into the hole to protect your cable from any sharp edges left from your drilled hole. These can be picked up on Amazon and they’re super cheap, my favorite options are the Black Nylon Snap in Cable Grommets.

The downside of this type of solution, is that the electric dehumidifier requires a power outlet and a little more time as part of the installation. This might not be suitable for everyone. Some other great options could include a desiccant dehumidifier which can just sit on a shelf or in the bottom of your gun safes.

We have a list of the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers which has options for electric and non-electric solutions.

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Browning Ever Dry Electric Rod

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