WarOnGuns Situation Report

By: David Codrea


The Blogspot censorship issue is still unresolved and I still get the “Under Review” message with no way to find out what the “community guidelines” issue is. By going through a process of elimination, my guess would be “Misleading content related to civic and democratic processes.”

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Talk about people who live in glass houses… that whole section reads like an excuse to eliminate wrongthink on whatever topic they like,from elections to COVID, with Big Techtators doing the dirty work the First Amendment says their government partners can’t get away with — yet. And in keeping with the way totalitarians roll, that’s heavily reliant on cultivating an anonymous snitch culture:

We rely on blog readers to report content that they find inconsistent with Blogger’s Community Guidelines. If you encounter a post that you believe violates Community Guidelines, please report it using the ‘Report’ link located in the navigation of most blogs. If you are unable to find the link on the blog, you can still report suspected violations here.

Clearly, it makes no sense to spend time doing work that enemy trolls can have arbitrarily undone at the push of a button. So until such time as I am set up in a safer harbor, putting in work makes no sense. That’s why, until I do that, I’m going to continue to limit posts to pure self-promotion: announcements for my new articles, radio appearances, and the like.

And speaking of that new venue, I tried several different options that for one reason or another didn’t strike me as a right fit, but finally identified a new host I’m going to try. The holdup now is getting GoDaddy (another self-appointed arbiter of “acceptable” speech) to release my WarOnGuns.com domain name, and it looks like that process can take anywhere from seven to 10 days.

That means I’m probably looking at up to two more weeks before the rollout, and I still haven’t decided if I’m going to try to migrate this existing blog to the new home. I’m leaning towards “not” since there will be formatting compatibility and search engine issues, I don’t want to lose existing comments, technically I’m a child with no interest or time to change, plus the new place may not work out.

So: Keep holding the tips. I’ll be back when I can. My own announcements will continue (a new Firearms News piece is out I’ll be linking to after they fix a glaring typo I made in the first paragraph that also eluded spell check and Grammarly ?).