Vortex Optics By: Corey


Vortex Optics is a relatively new hunting optics company, opening for business in Wisconsin in 2004. This hasn’t stopped the company though, and they have already developed a strong reputation for offering top-rate optics products for your hunting demands.

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You will find many useful optics products from Vortex. These include rifle scopes, red dot sights, binoculars, and rangefinders.

What Rifle Scopes Will You Find?

Vortex makes rifle scopes in various ranges. You’ll find many quality models from the company:

  • Razor – The Razor line of scopes feature easy-to-adjust magnification points that work at up to 10x. You can find models with an objective lens diameter of up to 56 mm for when you need an extra bit of precision in your shots.
  • Golden Eagle – Another option to look at is the Golden Eagle, a scope with a side focus that corrects for parallax error. The design helps you accurately measure the approximate distance between you and your target.
  • Viper – The optics on the Viper scopes are coated with multiple layers of protective material to ensure you can identify all the colours in your scope. The design helps you see what you’re looking for in detailed environments.
  • Diamondback – The Diamondback rifle scope is more detailed with support for 12x magnification. It resists recoil from most ammo, including from magnum-level ammo.

Red Dot Scopes

Sometimes you need a holographic display for hunting to help you find something in the area. Vortex makes many red dot units you can fit on top of your rifle in moments. You can get a red dot material with an MOA of three or six. The MOA, or minutes of angle, will help you target anything. You can use a wider MOA if you’re going after moving targets or if you’re trying to target something in a windy environment, or if there’s a substantial elevation difference between you and your target.

See From Afar With Binoculars

The high-density glass in Vortex’s binoculars will prevent dispersion from occurring. The design allows the wavelengths of light in your binoculars to move through them without risking lots of shifts in motion. The design provides clarity, plus you’ll see things in the same light as you would with the naked eye.

Viper’s binoculars include models with up to 12x magnification. You can find these to be ideal for when you’re trying to go after long distance targets.

Rangefinders Work With Tripods

Vortex also makes rangefinders and tripods. These two products go well together, as the rangefinder can fit on top of the tripod to provide a steady view of anything in your environment. The rangefinders from Vortex can track deer from up to 900 yards away. You can use the 6x magnification feature to set your target. You will get a FOV of about 300 feet from a thousand yards away, so it should be easy for you to see whatever you want to target.

Take note of how well Vortex optics products will work for your hunting needs. You’ll find Vortex products can provide many solutions for your hunting needs.