Two Things Traveling Writers Need

By: Steph Martz


A Transportable Mouse

When it comes to consistently being on the go and needing to get some writing in, ease of transportation of equipment is very important such as your laptop and other accessories. Using a laptop without a mouse over time can be hard on the wrist yet carrying a mouse around can be bulky and annoying. The bluetooth linked Microsoft Arc Mouse takes care of those issues.

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The Arc Mouse goes completely flat when not in use. To use simply curve it until it clicks. This curve is very comfortable on the wrist. The entirety of the mouse is simply an oval with no extra protruding buttons or scrolling wheel. To scroll simply drag your finger along the front of the mouse. Left click? Simply click the left side, same goes for the right click.

Compatible with both Windows and mac, to connect your Arc Mouse to your computer it is a one minute process. Just go onto your computer into your bluetooth settings, press the small button on the underside of the mouse, and the computer will find it and pair after one click of the mouse. The feeling of the mouse is almost the same feeling of your laptop track pad. Not slippery but smooth.

Options for Buying

Amazon Prime: $51.99Best Buy: $59.99Microsoft: $79.99

Colors: Lilac, Burgundy, Light Gray, Black, Sage, Poppy Red, Blue, Light Pink

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Between our phone, TV, and laptops our eyes are consistently being stressed by blue light emission which can lead to suppression of melatonin production and stimulation of cortisone, an alertness drug. Both of these issues will effect falling sleep. After doing a very professional poll on Instagram..the consensus was that the favored blue light blocking glasses out there at the moment are RA Optics.

From the Creator..“When things started to pick up, I needed a name for my new brand! I remembered learning about Ra, the Egyptian god of sunlight. The sun god was the most powerful of all the ancient gods in every society, because the sun was the most powerful and relevant force for life on earth, and still is today. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, optics is “a science that deals with the genesis and propagation of light, the changes that it undergoes and produces, and other phenomena closely associated with it”. So, I decided to name my new endeavor “Ra Optics”. A tribute to the sun; a nod to the ancient wisdom that is the foundation for all modern knowledge, a mission firmly rooted in advanced modern science in everything that we do, and bringing the two together in ways that have never been done before.”

RA Optics offers both daylight and nighttime lenses, kids lenses, and comes in many different stylish options. It also comes with an easy sizing chart that will help you find the right fit/style of glasses for you. Often we are looking down when typing on a laptop during travel so ensuring that they are tight on your head but comfortable is important.

The Yellow Daylight lens is meant to be worn in the daytime to block from LED lights and screens. This will help relieve eye strain, headaches, and keep you more focused and energized throughout the day. The reddish Sunset Lens is meant to be worn at night. Both the Daylight lens and Sunset Lens come with the same frame options.

An option for both daylight and sunset lens. This is the Clyde Sunset Lens.

“In addition to creating the world’s first and only premium Sleep Glasses, I decided to create a superior alternative to traditional computer glasses, called Screen Lenses, which block 30x more harmful blue light from LED’s than most clear computer lenses available today.”– RA Optics Creator

The package comes with a slim carrying case, lens wipe, and the glasses. Super easy to transport and very comfortable and stylish to wear.

Currently wearing the “Nate Daylight” frames and lens. It closest matched up to my sizing and I liked the leopard print frames.

Options for Buying

Each frame is a different price, however both daylight and sunset are the same price.

Popp: $164.00Maxwell: $164.00Nate: $164.00Clyde: $164.00Fritz: $164.00JC: $224.00Yogananda: $224.00