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It’s looking like 2022 is going to be a rather bad remix of 2020. Supply chain issues, riot season closing in on us for various sundry reasons, and of course the midterms, where our duly elected (supposedly) welfare queens decide to grandstand, especially on the Second Amendment, because the swine fear an armed citizenry. A person with a well-maintained modern rifle is a citizen, and not a subject.

Of course, where there’s freedom, there’s the risk of evil, and the risk that those who oppose freedom will use the deeds of evil people to further their own insidious agendas…

The Shooting In Uvalde, Texas

Note: Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I usually refrain from naming the perpetrators in these crimes by name. SEO be damned. Naming them means glorifying them, and we’re not about that here at RGG.

Apologies for the delay on this one, but the situation evolved rapidly from a shooting incident to an unbelievable display of government cowardice and malevolence…

Well, I was going to fisk general 2A issues, but since real life means it takes forever for me to write these posts at the moment, I had to change the mission parameters.

On May 24th, after being engaged by law enforcement purportedly after shooting his grandmother, a lone teenager killed many children and staff at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. At this time it’s unknown as to if he chose the school deliberately or if it was a spur of the moment decision to make his “last stand” at the school, hoping to stymie LE response by involving innocents at a soft target.

Fortunately, a Border Patrol agent who was nearby chose to engage the shooter and promptly put an end to his carnage, rather than wait for backup. Respect.

Since the shooter is thankfully dead, we only have conjecture and circumstance to go on at the moment as to what his motives were. However, we do know a few things.

The Shooter Was Making Threats Prior To His Act

Like all of these attackers, this guy didn’t exist in a vacuum. Previous to this tragedy, the shooter had posted on a social media chat that he was going to commit a violent crime. He had often bragged in livestreams about wanting to shoot up a school. But yet, despite reports being filed to law enforcement, action was not taken. Last time I checked, threatening offensive violence is a crime…

The Shooter Selected His Target Deliberately

Like every other shooting incident of notoriety, the perpetrator selected his target because it was a “soft” one. Uvalde did have an armed school resource officer program, but the person responsible for that was never 100% present at Robb Elementary School. He apparently split his time between multiple buildings. In addition, existing hardening measures were lax, at best. A teacher had propped the door open, and the automatic lock had failed. Apparently no one checked the system.

This is a most troubling fact, since Uvalde is located close to the US-Mexico border and the area is close to known smuggling and transit routes for illegal immigrants.

Government Failure Is The Default Mode

As is tragically usual, government ineptitude (some would say malevolence) proved to be the fatal flaw in this tragedy. Through a series of miscommunications and general laziness, the Uvalde Police Department sat around for over an hour while the attacker brazenly murdered innocents inside the school building. Ironically it took a Border Patrol agent, who initially had nothing to do with the response, to threaten the on-scene commander in order to bring the disaster to a close.

To add an even more reprehensible insult to injury, the local police officers seemed to be more concerned with threatening parents of children inside the building, than addressing the actual threat. To say the Uvalde police department should be disbanded is putting it mildly.

Even worse, there’s claims that the officers did not act because they were “fearful” of the attacker and his AR-15. Um, guys – last time I checked, you have AR-15s, and probably M4s as well?

Update – it seems they traded shots within minutes of their arrival, but government ineptitude hampered the subsequent response. I still hold that the government doesn’t care, and never will, though

Of course, government won’t admit to failure, but instead is choosing to try and make hay over the situation and further oppress the people they claim to work for.

The Opposition Is On The Move

Even before the situation had been bought to a close, and the attacker dispatched to whichever hell awaits him, the opposition hit “go” on their automated routines, and began their calls for the usual round of “commonsense” nonsensical solutions.

The usual – a renewed “assault weapons” ban, expanded background checks, and national red flag laws. All of which would not have posed an obstacle for the attacker. Even if the police initially did their job and entered this guy’s info into NICS, he would have still carried out his attack with another weapon.

The opposition doesn’t let a tragedy go to waste though. They require the blood of innocents to move their agenda, and when they get it, they move indeed. Of course, we’ll need to counter it. With a hostile regime, we must be unified and fight the good fight. Pick your favorite gun rights organization and sign up – we’re gonna need a lot of help.

Sensible Solutions To School Shootings

Sure, when viewed from above, tragic shooting incidents are actually rare. This has the potential to sound insensitive and crass, so apologies in advance…

  • The current US population is around 330 million people.

  • There’s a little over 35K deaths per year where firearm misuse was a factor. Suicides and homicides, by the way. Not to sound crass, but people bent on suicide will find a way.

  • Shooting incidents where the media has a field day usually have a death toll of under 100 or so. In a statistical roundup, this number would be dropped for clarity.

Yes – these incidents are actually thankfully rare. But due to their sensitive nature and the fact that the opposition weaponizes them against us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens, we can’t just throw numbers at them and ignore them. They bribe the powerbrokers in DC, and have a lot of money to do so. Unfortunately, we have to counter with more than just statistics. We should counter with solutions that harden the schools, and have zero negative effect on our Second Amendment rights.

Lock The Damn Doors And Check Them

Whether it’s a school, a bank, or a data center, physical security is paramount. Now, schools shouldn’t be run like prisons, but treating the entrance and exit from the property can take a cue from the penitentiary system. One way in, one way out. Of course for fire code, there can be multiple emergency exits and escapes, but they must be designed for “exit only”. Locks and doors must be able to withstand attempts at forcible entry for many minutes.

Verification Of Entrance/Egress Points

All entrances and exits should be monitored by video surveillance systems. In the interests of transparency, the system should be accessible to parents of students at the school. Any network video recorder made in the past decade supports remote access. To lock it down further, implement a two-factor authentication system, i.e. a verification code is sent to the mobile device of a parent or guardian. This way, if the system is offline, there’s multiple people who will know, and it can’t be covered up.

In addition, a panel of sensors will allow on-premises personnel to verify the status of exterior doors and windows.

Authorized Personnel Only

If you’re in the school, you need an ID. Preferably one that’s RFID enabled. The system can be coded to only allow people to go where they are allowed to go.

Multiple Private Armed Security Professionals Per School

Of course, hardening the school using electronic and physical means is only half of it. An attacker may try anyways. He may think he has found a weakness. He’ll wait for a door to open and rush it. He’ll intercept people in the parking lot. So, if all else fails, there should be an on-premises dedicated armed response group. The degree of which these people are armed should be up to the school. Whether they have ARs of their own or just 9mm pistols, that’s really a case-by-case decision. Regardless, multiple people with weapons should be present whenever students are on premises.

And they should be from a private agency. Why private? Simple. With a private agency the client (the school) can set contractual performance goals. If the agency responsible isn’t meeting those goals? The school can cancel the contract and find someone else who can do the job.

With all due respect to any police officer who is on the detail at a school, the simple fact is that if you rely on a government entity to provide protection, your options for redress are limited. If an officer assigned to a school is incompetent, the most that can be done is another officer sent in his place. This is problematic since incompetence is often endemic to a department and not just individual officers. Also sadly if an officer is competent, they are often noticed for their hard work and reassigned to another trouble spot.

With a private solution, the client has the final say.

Armed Teachers?

Arming the teachers is a contentious issue. Teachers have enough to do. They have to watch over 20 boisterous kids. They have to grade papers, deal with administrators breathing down their neck over some new BS metric or another. To be fair I don’t personally think a lot of teachers are cut out to also be a security guard while handling their existing workload.

However, I’m not them. I think each teacher should have the option to carry (not store in their desk) a weapon. To be fair, their employer should know, not for nefarious reasons, but so they can factor it into the overall threat response package. The teacher who chooses to arm themselves should be encouraged to seek additional firearms training, of course. Force-on-force would come in handy.

Stop Raising Shitty Kids

The behavior of these attackers has a source, and it’s at home. Even if the child is predisposed to violence for various reasons, a caring set of parents can counter that. In each and every one of these situations, the attackers were lacking in proper parenting. Raised on a diet of just staring at mass media with a strong helping of prescription drugs due to uncaring parents, it’s little surprise that some of these kids go on a rampage. They feel they have nothing to lose, and in their minds, they’ll at least “make a name for themselves” if they commit a violent act. They tune in CNN, and see an attacker’s name blasted all over the screen 24/7. They interpret this as fame rather than infamy, and desire it for themselves, since they have scant attention and love in the real world. For the most part, they (for better or for worse) either lose themselves in drugs or get intercepted and helped by someone. But once in awhile someone gets through, and tragedy results.

Listen, I get it, parenting is tough. But if you got kids, you gotta make the time for them. Even if it’s for a short time per day, that could mean the difference between a delight and a demon.

Paying For All This

Taxes suck. In an ideal world, this would all be a private affair, but unfortunately we haven’t reached that an-cap utopia yet. But if we’re to suffer the indignity of taxes, they should at least be spent on domestic affairs. Instead of sending $50 billion to the whorehouse of Europe so they can square off against the drunken nuclear gas station, that money could be spent funding a secure schools initiative. But that doesn’t keep Raytheon and the various political crime families in business, so I guess we have to fight for that, too.

The Fight Is Far From Over

Unfortunately, this attack happened during a midterm election year. As a polarized and divided nation, we’re no longer at the point where the midterms are just a shuffling of the deck chairs on the cruise liner. The midterms can make or break a regime, and the opposition is going all in, as to be expected. So we have to shore up our game. Burn up those legislative inboxes, support your favorite gun rights organization, and most of all, get more people on board with this Second Amendment Radical lifestyle of ours. It’s more fun if we get more people involved.

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