The Armscor AL22M: Hailstorm of .22 Magnum By: Roy Huntington


There are a couple of other features on this gun which I think are actually pretty clever. I probably should have taken the grips off, but right on here on the side plate underneath the grips, there’s an open hole that you can actually fit a slotted screwdriver in. At first, I was stymied by it. I couldn’t figure out what that was for and what it is, and it’s darn clever. You can actually adjust the trigger return spring with the screwdriver. So, tighten it one way and it’s a little you know harder to pull, lighten it and it’s lighter to pull, which affects the double-action trigger pull. And, I suppose at some level this single-action trigger pull. I’m not sure. Probably.

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Even in its lightest setting, I found the trigger to return reliably no matter what, no matter how fast you shot, so you’re pretty safe to play within those parameters. I think if you’re using the gun for defense you’d probably want to really test it, you know, to make sure you have it set in a lighter setting.

The little pinhole on the side of the frame also kind of had me confused until I popped the side plate off and then I realized you need a real thin like a pin-size probe, and what you do is you insert it in there to hold the part back while you reassemble the side plate. It’d pretty much be impossible to do it without that, and the reason I know that is because I tried to do it without doing it and it was impossible.

It’s got your kind of conventional side plate with screws holding it in, so
any pistol smith, even if he’s not familiar with this particular model, would really have no problems working on this gun if you want to slick the action up or something like that. Even though the trigger has very light serrations on it, they’re nice and smooth. That way your finger can kind of slide across it during the double-action press.

I was also actually impressed with the build quality of this gun. It’s actually a very good quality gun. It shows attention to detail, fit and finish, has a a really nice ergonomically contoured cylinder release.

I shot this gun quite a bit for the article that I wrote and I found it tobe really accurate. I mean like 1.5 inches at 25 yards if you take your time and find the right ammunition. I was getting around 1200 feet per second for most .22 Magnum loads. I had a lightweight kind of hot load, an old Federal load, that I got almost 1500 feet per second out of. This would it would be quite a squirrel Howitzer at that velocity I think.

If you’re familiar with the sort of the similar size gun from Taurus or Ruger, or Smith & Wesson or something, you have basically that kind of a platform so it’s a little on the heavy side, reliable, smooth, well-made, accurate … what’s not to like?

Speaking of liking, let’s shoot!